• Well of course

    Laptops....Laptops laptops laptops. What do they so wrong? Oh ya, they get blocked sites. Only the school ones though, not your own of course. If you need to look up something, and its a thing that's hard to find anywhere, and you actually find a site answering your question, you click on it and its blocked. Why? Whats wrong with it? School laptops wouldn't be pointless and a waste of time if everything was unblocked on it.

  • Laptops are Powerful Educational Tools

    Laptops can provide access to many interesting, engaging, educational activities. They can provide new learning, supplement old learning, or reinforce current learning. Video-games are not the end of the world like many adults would tell you; if someone wants to be distracted, they will be distracted. Funnily enough, the blue light emitted by these devices can keep students awake, too. In addition, computer fluency and skills is very important in todays working environment. Students should learn how to use such devices responsibly. Laptops are also more powerful, easier to use complicated tasks for, and more generally useful than smartphones, which are still very limited because of their small size, low power, and terrible user interface (typing on glass).

  • Laptops are powerful tools for good

    Laptops and computers in general have access to many more powerful, more developed and more encompassing tools than smart phones can, and by using them in school students will be preparing to use them responsibly in their adult life. Many fun and interesting educational activities can be utilized with such devices.

  • No, laptops are useful in schools.

    The good thing about laptops, as opposed to smart phones, is that they are easily seen and can be taken out and put away at the will of the instructor. So they can serve a useful purpose in furthering education, probably at any level from elementary through high school and beyond and some schools are loaning them for that purpose.

  • No go on the computers

    I believe that with laptop use in school it gives the students less face to face conversation which I think we all can agree our kids need most. One of the number one things that employers are looking for in a candidate is there communication skills. Being an employer myself I can relate to this.

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