Are large fish depleted by 90% in the oceans?

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  • Junk Science at it's best..

    Sylvia Earle takes on the role of Al Gore in the film 'Mission Blue' on her quest to save the oceans because as the film reminds us, without the ocean, there is no us! I've only seen the trailer, but I felt I should draw attention to it rather than mindlessly heaping praise on it and start making demands based on extravagant claims of doom. According to her, "...We've actually eaten over 90% of the world's big fish." That's from her speech where she was given the TED prize (she gets $100,000) where she's speaking almost religiously calling the ocean "Eden" and we have "paradise lost." So what, as a scientist, does she use to make such a dire claim...You'd think all those nets are coming up empty and tuna cost more than caviar??? Well, there was one paper written in 2003 and published in nature. Changes in CPUE had always been known and were never taken to reflect changes in abundance. Rebuttal papers, like one published by John Sibert showed there was little decline. Of course this doesn't stop Sylvia from repeating it in this film, before Congress, or in interviews with National Geographic Kids and now it is tossed around like a cold hard fact and shows the power of myth-making based on a study proven to be flawed. So science has given way to activism and activism isn't without incentives because she demands large portions of the ocean should be taken over by the government like state parks and people like her appointed to run government agencies like NOAA basically get put in charge of their own fiefdom. Like the fraudulent business of climate change, which is now a $4.7 billion (as profitable as the professional basketball) industry thanks to taxpayers, the public and our children get junk science to fund people like this...As H.L. Mencken said...The urge to save humanity is almost always a false-face to rule it.

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