• Yes, banks are out of control

    If the recent financial crisis has taught us nothing else, its that banks are very willing to take extremely dangerous risks with other people's money. This is largely because there are no consequences for them. From lending money that they don't have to giving people mortgages they cant afford, banks are clearly so profit driven that there are no ethical barriers that they will not cross in pursuit of profit.

  • No, I don't think larger companies are out of control

    Even though I do fully support the small businesses, I do not believe that larger companies like big banks are out of control. I believe larger companies have a lot of positives about them. For example, they offer many jobs to people. There is nothing out of control about that.

  • Yes They Are

    I believe larger companies like big banks, or a better example, Wal-Mart; are our of control. I believe these corporations have used their power to hold the economy hostage and in these efforts they tend to ask for even more money. I hope in the future we can get our government away from these powerful corporations so it will work for the people again.

  • They are just larger.

    No, larger companies like big banks are not out of control, because they are only small companies that have gotten larger, and they are still trying to make a profit, just like everyone else. The big banks are doing what they have to do to stay in business and maximize profits. They are not out of control, because government regulations makes this almost impossible.

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