Are latent homosexual tendencies linked to homophobia?

Asked by: missmedic
  • Both homophobia and gay bashing

    Have links to latent homosexual tendencies. Homophobia is apparently associated with homosexual arousal that the homophobic individual is either unaware of or denies. There has been much research and studies to support this findings. Churches and the religious will try to down play these findings to justify holding there homophobic views. Those individuals who are most hostile toward gays and hold strong anti-gay views may themselves have same-sex desires, albeit undercover ones. As homosexuality harms no one, it would seem that what's unnatural is homophobia.

  • Possibly in Some Cases

    Everything I planned to say has been mentioned by previous people who has voted "yes". So I will give a personal anecdote. I had a very close friend who was extremely homophobic. After 3 years of knowing each other, he admitted to me that he was Bisexual. I believe that his Bisexuality is linked with his homophobia, especially since the level of his homophobia is very unusual.

  • There's been several studies

    There's been several studies that have indicated this. I believe the research suggested that many who have latent nonstraight orientations tend to be most vehemently opposed to non-straight persons. Considering the amount of effort needed for these persons to convince themselves that homosexuality is wrong, this makes sense (cognitive dissonance, effort justification). "Those participants who reported their heterosexuality despite having hidden same-sex desires were also the most likely to show hostility toward gay individuals, including self-reported anti-gay attitudes, endorsement of anti-gay policies and discrimination such as supporting harsher punishments for homosexuals.",

    Posted by: kbub
  • I Need Proof

    Nothing new, but I just don't believe that most homophobia is linked to homosexual tendencies. While I see this as being entirely possible on an individual basis, I think wide-scale hate and fear is more rooted in the human fear of change and established values. Once again, I am not ruling out the possibility, I am just stating that more proof is necessary, as small-scale studies are often unreliable and may have evidence misconstrued (i.E. Someone stating that they are uncomfortable around homosexuals might be used as a statistic for those who discriminate against them, even though that was not stated). Have a nice day/night, everybody!

  • I need to see the evidence.

    From everything I have read there seems to be no link between homophobia and latent homosexual tendencies. I would have to see well researched evidence to sway my opinion on this as it seems highly unlikely. I would say homophobia comes from fear of a different lifestyle and then the obvious religious bigotry.

  • I see no evidence for that.

    Everyone I know who is anti-gay (including myself) is disgusted by homosexuality. I am not homophobic (as phobic implies having a phobia or extreme fear of). I simply see homosexuality as unnatural because there is no "gay gene" (explanation for my thinking people can't be born gay-next paragraph). Maybe some people feel sexually insecure and lash out against gays, but certainly not all.
    Homosexuality is the desire for someone of the same gender as you. It is scientifically impossible for 2 men or 2 women to have a child together. If people with a "gay gene" were born gay they would not have sex (meaning that they couldn't have kids). Thus, if there was a gene for gayness, it would not be passed on. The gene, if it ever existed, would have died out after the first generation. If gayness is a recessive trait, then its increase in the general population would be illogical (real recessive traits like blue eyes have become less common in America over the years). Furthermore if you were born either gay or normal, how could bisexuals be explained? The answer is that homosexuality is not genetic.

  • It's how they act on it.

    Someone who is outwardly vocal and militantly focuses on being anti-gay may very well be dealing with homosexual tendencies. The majority of people who may consider themselves afraid of gay people don't act upon it but simply say they are against it when asked. It's most likely a symptom of living a sheltered lifestyle where they have not met and interacted with many people, so different automatically means bad. This is often people who find it difficult to empathize with others who have not had the same experiences that they have had and lack the imagination to think what it must be like to be in someone else's shoes. It's not uncommon to see these same people dislike other groups of people that they lack any interaction with such as different ethnic groups or other religious faiths.

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