Are Latinos and Hispanics more likely to enter U.S. politics?

  • As the hispanic population of the U.S. grows, the amount of Hispanic politicians will grow to reflect that.

    Although the demographic of U.S. politicians is hardly an accurate reflection of the demographics of the population, it is still reflective. In that regard, as the amount of one group of the population grows, so do the amount of representatives within political office, simply because that group takes on a larger representation of the population.

  • Latinos and Hispanics are more likely to enter U.S. politics.

    With the constant, unchecked inflow of illegals into the U.S., who happen to be Latino and Hispanic, it would be quite natural to see some rise amongst their ranks to have political influence. They will want to capitalize on America's continuing slack policies in immigration and border control to facilitate even more illegal immigration. This is a very serious and growing problem for America. It's a silent invasion and we happen to be stupid enough to even pay the bill for it and ensure that they're comfortable and pampered.

  • Yes they are.

    I think that with the rising Latino and Hispanic population in the United States we can expect them to make a greater political push in the climate of United States politics. I think as a whole their demographic is under represented in our country so a change should be forthcoming.

  • Latinos and Hispanics are more likely to enter U.S. politics.

    Latinos and Hispanics are more likely to enter politics in order to advance their interests. There are a disproportionately small number of Latinos in the government considering their large representation in the population. It make sense that Latinos should enter politics more in order to represent their ethnic group in the government.

  • Latinos and Hispanics are not more likely to enter U.S. politics.

    Although Hispanics are a growing demographic in the United States, they are underrepresented in the government. Hispanics are mostly new immigrants in the country, and they are less likely to take on leadership roles in the government. Hispanics are important members of the country, and they should have more representation in the government.

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