Are law enforcement officials concerned with your safety, or is the prominent intent revenue generation?

  • Some cops do actually care

    Believe it or not, there are actually officers who do care even though a lot are corrupt. Some cops do believe in the constitution, safety of people, and honesty. There was a officer who defended the First Amendment on YouTube and also a cop who arrested a speeder who was also a cop.

  • Public safety has transformed into public money swindling.

    Obviously it would be a generalization to assert that all law enforcement officials are solely concerned with revenue generation however, It appears that an ample amount are strictly enforcing laws to secure a hefty financial result.

    I can provide a few anecdotal experiences I have had regarding my local police which include bets between the officers of who could issue the most seat belt tickets, and who could issue the most fines. I have witnessed a few viral videos which contained footage of police captains reprimanding officers for failing to satisfy a financial quota.

    I am profoundly compelled that law enforcement is increasingly, yet gradually, becoming ultimately an institution that operates exclusively with the intent to obtain a profit. That is an utterly disconcerting notion.

  • This is a no-brainer.

    Rapists, murders, and terrorists are prowling our streets because the cops are too busy protecting us against two-bit pot dealers; and for no other reason that they get to keep all the said dealers' stuff after they bust them. OTOH, there is no such financial incentive to go after the real criminals (who, unlike the pot dealers, have guns and might shoot back at the cops).

    Similarly, the FBI might have been able to stop mohammed atta &co from executing 9/11 had they not been too busy protecting us against pot dealers too.

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