Are laws against racial hate crimes effective in the United States?

  • Yes, they are.

    I think that laws against hate crimes are effective, because people know that if they single someone out for the way that they were born, that they will face much harsher punishment than if they were just looking to start a fight over a dispute. It might make bigots think twice about their actions.

  • Yes, sort of

    I think that laws against racial hate crimes are somewhat effective in the United States. Racial hate crimes do get punished in the United States, which means that they are working. I think that racial hate crime laws could be more effective though. They could be stronger and punished more often.

  • They do not stop the crime.

    Unfortunately, I do not think the laws against racial hate crimes are all that effective here in the States because these crimes are still happening. In fact, I just heard of one taking place in my small town here in Northeast Ohio just a couple of months ago as sad as it is.

  • Ineffective but a starting place

    This is a difficult question to answer, because I believe that the idea of there being additional laws against racial hate crimes is admirable, but that does not combat racism in the slightest - it simply makes penalties harsher for those who participate in willful malicious racism. What needs to happen to truly be effective is to have a national discussion about race relations in this country before it gets worse.

  • Laws against racial hate crimes are not effecive in the United States.

    Laws against racial hate crimes are not effective in the United States.This is because what is in a person's heart can not be legislated.If a person hates another race there is no amount of legislation to add more tolerance to a person's heart and mind unless they really want to change

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