• Leaders are born not made

    People who say that leaders are made are not leaders themselves and therefore try and make themselves feel better by saying they can be made in to great leaders by practice. Leadership is not something that you can practice like a sport. This is why usually when someone has a stroke in public most people just stand there watching instead of helping. The person takes charge and says "someone call 911 is the true born leader who takes action".

  • Leaders are actually born more than they are made.

    It can be said that leaders are born and not made.Some important traits are just innate and can not be tried no matter how hard you try.Leadership traits can be refined but if they are not there at all they can not be made from scratch when nothing else is there.

  • They are given their roles

    No, I do not beleive that leaders are born I honestly believe that they are given their roles, a lot of people are in high leadership positions not because they are leaders but because of their families money ties and so they are given their roles and not born into leadership.

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