• Children are very malleable

    Children are very malleable physically and mentally. It is not uncommon for "learning disorders" to go away with age. Consider child prodigies, It's true that they have a huge head start in grade school, But that head start fizzles out very fast. On average, Highly gifted children are likely to be successful, But not likely to become extremely successful. We need to view children has having potential, Not as problems to fix.

  • You just have bad teachers and parents

    I used to be board in class ans not pay attention because the teachers was so boring and slow. Get on with the lesson plan! Minutes became hours and I could not stand the pace.

    Next thing you know I got bounced in to special learning class. Half of the students did not belong there. The whole class was beneath me.
    The special ed teacher took notice of me and lo and behold I got bumped up and finally was placed in a right class.

    Teachers and parents just slap the label. They do not test and do not ask why the student is not paying attention. I met kids who have an actual learning disorder and I know of kids who just didn't glasses so they could not read the board. Both of them got lumped in one group.

    So I believe students should have better teachers and better screening because you will just be making children doubt themselves.

  • Learning disorders are not understood well enough.

    With so many stigmas around intelligence, It can be difficult to admit when one is struggling academically. For those on the outside who do not experience an LD they might perceive the person as lazy or stupid. People with an LD are average or above-average intelligence and are sometimes can mask their struggles too well. Most people believe ADHD is over-diagnosed but what they don't understand is that ADHD is often a co-morbid diagnosis of a LD. 1 in 5 people have an LD have ADHD as well. Both of these disorders are genetic so there is a chance for them to increase exponentially.

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