• Curfews should be up to the parents

    As well it sets precedent that it's OK to just assume that a segment of the population must automatically be up to no good. It should be OK example for a teenager to walk down the street at night to their friends house to watch a movie and the parents shouldn't have to drive them. Allowing this is more helpful in kids building independence and not relying on others chauffeuring them around all the time.

    The funny thing is I bet it's the same people who complain about teenagers being lazy and too entitled who would support legal curfews. Yet not allowing teenagers any room for independence encourages those attitudes of laziness and entitlement.

    Parents are the best judges for when their children are ready for new levels of independence. If the parent sees fit to allow their kid to walk by themselves at night then the law should have no problem with it.

  • Big gov't intrusion

    It's up to parents to decide what they want for their kids. The gov't should never have a say. I also believe gov't has no say in telling people whether they can do business or go out during a curfew. I think it's nonsense. Gov't is a problem. Curfews for teens should up to parents.

  • Not responsible kids and parents

    With kids these days they are all up late laying in bed texting their best friends about what happened that day at school. Even though it is good for kids to talk to one another and make new friends they also have to keep school in mind. Kids grades these days are going down. Why you ask, when kids get less sleep they can't think as good while their at school. Because of this test scores go down. For the average kid, they need at least 9 hours of sleep a night otherwise they can't function to their full potential.

  • Legal curfews for teens are not bad.

    Legal curfews for teens are not bad. I think it helps to get kids to not be out all night when they should be at home instead. I think it should be up to the parents to monitor the behavior of the children. I think that the parents should be held responsible.

  • Legal Curfews Positive

    Without a doubt, jurisdictions should implement legal curfews for teens. These curfews have had mixed results across the country, but they make perfect sense. Teens have no reason for being outside late into the night and early mornings. Curfews allow the authorities to keep people off the streets when they have no purpose being there.

  • Legal curfews for teens are not bad.

    It is a good idea for teens to have curfews so that they can stay safe. There is no good reason for teens to be out late at night. If teens are left to wander the streets at night, they might get involved with the drug trade or they might join gangs.

  • They are good

    When I was a teen, I hated curfew. Most kids do. But it is important. As adults, we have to abide by certain rules. It is important for kids to learn how to respect fellow people at an early age and follow the rules. Some parents are good with giving their kids boundaries. Some are not. Some kids just don't listen. I think that having a legal curfew is a good way to back up parents and other society members and it teaches the kids to follow the rules or they will be punished by law.

  • Legal curfews for teens are actually good.

    Legal curfews for teens can be considered a good thng.This will allow parents to keep a better eye on their teenage children.It would also allow children to get plenty of rest for the next day when they are attending school and need to be alert enough to pay attention in class.

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