• It's called Lego

    It says so on the box. Eveebody outside of America calls it Lego and even the movie is called the Lego. It is Lego, not Lego's, there is no Lego's. Please, please call it Lego for the sake of humanity and all the Lego fans around the world. Lego, Lego, Lego!


    I loved legos, and they teach so many useful skills. They influence children to develop skills useful in problem solving, mechanical skills, spacial skills and so many other things. Playing with legos inspired me to become who I am. (The only problem with them is that once they get into a house they will never fully leave. Years later you will still be finding them.)

  • YES! I know.

    And I would not have a brain that is good at geometry with out them. Plus I STILL play with legos because their fun. And I don't mean lego friends those are gay but the orinal legos are fun. I once made a lego zoo and all my brothers and sister helped me and we all had fun. If your not willing to pay a little more money for happiness and good math skills ... Im soooooo disappointed.

  • No, you can get better toys.

    Legos are too expensive, you can find much cheaper and funner alternate toys. Including several other building block styled toys. However we are expected to pay waayy too much money for the brand name really. If you think about it legos are just cheap little pieces of plastic which we pay waaayyy too much money for.

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