• My sister as a little girl

    My sistersaid she was little and playing with a blanket when she lifted of the ground she seen the little green haired fella ha. She said she knew that no one would belive her so she never told any one. She confessed this to me after 42 years because i told her i have a gutt feeling fairies are real its just always been there. Mum was born in northen ireland but there were no irish folk stories. Wonder if its linked

  • They are real

    Leprechauns are real they may not seem real but after years and years legends of been told from generation to generation also people have it proves that leprechauns exist and then left and treasures. Because it often wearing green with a short stubby little hat people also Kids have been left home alone set out a trap walked into another room heard noise in whatever room that was came in and there was either a hat a treasure or an actual leprechaun That’s why in my Pinyan leprechauns are real

  • Yes leprechauns are real

    Leprechauns are real! Leprechauns are described as, short bearded Irish men that are usually dressed in green, and buckled shoes, sometimes, with a leather approx. Sometimes they may wear a hat or have a smoking pipe.

    One reason leprechauns can be real is, they can just have a genetic disorder called Leprechaunism or also known as, Donohue syndrome.Donohue syndrome is an extremely rare disorder which causes the human to be an abnormally small size. Characteristics of this include, large ears, a flat nose with upturned nostrils, and widely spaced swollen eyes.

  • Real real tack a pill

    Yes is the anser because me a leprchaun wrote it my name is leprchaun star face we go on dates with girl leprchauns and when we fall in love we throw up a rainbow and make gold people catch use and tack use we grant 3 wishes so they shut up

  • As well as the pot of gold at the end of every rainbow leprechauns are real

    I will prove that leprechauns are real cause I have built a leprechauns trap to help me to win enough cash for buying Jen's dad's old Ford truck what shall use as the bait to help all different types of people to get ready to realize that leprechauns are real

  • Yes we are real, we do exist.

    If you do not believe you should check out this page and you will soon become a believer, there is many photos and videos of a Leprechaun. A small live story,a small Bio of a leprechaun. He is a super cool guy. All you have to do is have an open mind....

  • Oh Yes they are!

    The husband saw one the other day on the front swing just as he came home and was coming up the steps. Thought it was a fairy or a gnome at first. (We actually see them or get visited by them from time to time, this was the first St. Paddy's day one any of us has seen however.) He forgot it was St. Paddy's day and was on his way up the stairs of the house and as it registered that he saw someone he stepped back to get a good look and he was gone. He was relating the story later that evening and my daughter and I clued in that he had seen an actual leprechaun. Hubby described him as 3ft. Tall , dressed in a mossy greenish brown leaf looking patterned leather. (Think scale mail only in a brownish green leather.) The leprechaun smiled at my husband and then was just gone.

  • I am a leprechaun

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  • I look for leprechauns every St. Patty's day.

    Leprechauns are real. So you haven't seen one? You haven't seen God either yet people don't think it is odd to believe in him. I've never seen my brain but I am fairly certain I have one of those too. Every time I see a rainbow I try to follow it to find a pot of gold. It is strange how the rainbow seems to move as I get closer. I know that one day I will be able to locate one. When I do, there will be a pot of gold with a leprechaun. When I get there I will post the pictures to prove it.

  • Leprechauns are real ideas

    While we may never see a leprechaun, as they don't exist in the physical world as far as we know, they do exist in the minds of some people. Leprechauns are real to those who believe in them. There is a difference between existence and reality though. An experience can be real without physical events or expressions. We can't see leprechauns, just as we can't see god, and yet when asked if god is real, many would state that he absolutely is, and yet you cannot see him. If one believes in the existence of leprechauns then they are as real as anything else.

  • Crazy if you believe

    They are just a myth. Like God. You can't see them, smell them, taste them, hear them, or touch them. They are made up fairy story creatures that are fun to write stories about, but do not exist in the real world. I am sure glad we have books and stories about them though. It's fun. But don't believe it's real!

  • Not real! Srsly

    First of all, if they were real, people would see them, Furthermore, no one has ever taken a legitimate picture of them. In addition, if they were real, we would have seen someone like, get gold from them. In conclusion, I have tried several times to get to the end of rainbow, with no such luck.

  • Leprechauns are not real

    They, leprechauns, are just a myth. The irish believe that a fairy that is a male is what they call leprechauns.They believe the they are sneaky and that they are shoe makers.Other countries in the world, including the usa, say that leprechauns are tiny men that collect gold in a pot at the end of a rainbow.If you spot a leprechaun, he will grant you three wishes in exchange for his freedom.That is the way we know it.

  • They are not real.

    You will never catch a leprechaun beause you can never find 1.They Are not real because i said so thats why they aren't real. O o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o ok.

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