Are LGBT people treated unfairly in today's society?

Asked by: uncensoredmoon
  • All the time

    Just walking down the street with a boyfriend or girlfriend is hard. School is worse. If you develop a crush on a friend, you can never let them find out, or they think you are creepy. And so much bullying based on sexuality happens in school- physical and emotional. In some places, gay marriage is illegal. In some countries, being gay at all is illegal. On top of everything, we are all expected to tell everyone we know about our sexuality, and hope that they don't reject us!

  • There is no argument.

    The fact that there are still nations that deny them the freedom to get married means they face lesser treatment. The fact that even in nations that do allow gay marriage (or what civilized and decent people refer to simply as marriage), the fact that groups, predominantly governed by religion, still aim to remove these rights, and prevent them from having them, means they face unfair treatment. Even the answers in this poll that say no demonstrate just that.

  • I am not straight

    I have been abused, been told to kill myself and just generally been refused my human rights because of my sexuality. My friends, who are lesbians, have kissed in public and such. They have been burned, admitted to hospital and been refused service in shops and even not allowed on some public transport! When I came out, all kinds of degrading comments were made to me and my friends, the ones that actually stayed. Then being transgender is a completely different issue! I myself am cis so I cannot speak from personal experience. But my friend is, he was called Hannah but not called Haleb. He was also put in hospital, after both physical attacks and suicide attempts. If you are saying that all LGBTQ+ people feel safe in their environments, you are very misinformed.

  • Depends on what you mean by the question.

    If we are asking, "Are there times when a person who happens to be gay is treated unfairly?" then of course the answer would be yes. However, this very trite question could be answered in the affirmative for literally any group. Are white people treated unfairly? Sure--sometimes they are bullied, etc. But this is obviously not what the question means, since the white person is not being bullied because he is white. We would need to rephrase the question to mean, "Are homosexuals treated unfairly in today's society because they are homosexual?" Yet this is not satisfactory either. The question cannot mean, "Are homosexuals sometimes treated unfairly because they are homosexual?" This would lead to trite statements as well: Are white people sometimes treated unfairly because they are white? Of course sometimes they are. What the question really means, from what I understand it, is:

    Are homosexuals subjected to systemic unfair treatment because of they are homosexual?

    First, in most Western countries, most people approve of homosexual behavior and even gay "marriage" (I think it's like 60-40 split). How can society be unfair to gays if it approves of their lifestyle? (In this case, however, society is actually unfair to homosexuals, since it lies to them in telling them that their orientation is normal, and even that they can marry someone of the same sex. You probably didn't mean that though.)
    When gays are treated unfairly (as in treated violently or berated), it is as an aberration and not the rule. As I mentioned before, most people in society actually approve of the homosexual lifestyle, so why would they be abusive to homosexuals?
    In the court of law, gays are subject to the same rules everyone else is. Businesses have no way to tell whether a person is gay or not unless they flaunt it somehow, so they cannot discriminate based on sexual orientation. When a business owner decides not to do business with someone because they disagree with their actions, this is not wrong per se but only when done violently or abusively, just like anything else (this is not peculiar to gays; I'm not trying to compare gays to Nazis, but just as it would be wrong to have someone be forced to do sell guns to neo-Nazis if they consider it immoral, so they shouldn't have to sell wedding stuff for a gay wedding if they find it immoral). By and large, such refusals (which are very rare anyway) are not done abusively, so this does not count as systemic unfairness, since it is fair.
    When homosexual activity (such as kissing in public) is publicly displayed, people can be upset fairly. As long as they voice their disapproval civilly and don't get violent or abusive, this is not unfair. Inappropriate public behavior is wrong and people shouldn't have to deal with it.

    Thus, society as a whole (not just some people) does not treat homosexuals unfairly. Besides, much supposedly unfair behavior toward homosexuals can be fair.

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