• Some are

    Today's liberals, especially the federal ones, are all about taxing everyone to pay for ludicrous policies that they create to have further governmental control over every person. Essentially, those that consider themselves "progressive," which is a fair amount of liberals, are in actuality turning this country into a socialist republic in which the government reigns supreme. That's not what this country is about. The liberals are drifting away from that, and why? To make more money? What they're doing is killing this country because they want control over our lives! Republicans today are mostly the exact opposite - some are pro-freedom, but they don't get anything done and those that are anti-freedom aren't even bothering keeping with the times! Washington is a mess, and the baboons really need to shape up or ship out - and I mean both parties. I think the liberals are afraid that if they don't keep taxing people and doling out money to lazy Probamas that they won't get re-elected by the votes of the individuals who are too lazy to get anything done. That's a general statement, of course - not all of them are like that. It's a shame where this country is going, and that's because we have the socialist radicals and the social conservatives being ludicrous by wanting to go to the 1950s - the liberals in a USSR under Khrushchev and the social conservatives in a sex-free society that is oppressive. So, in a way, BOTH parties are afraid of and/or against freedom. It's just disgusting.

  • True freedom requires a moral core

    To be truly free a society must be a moral society. From a purely humanist perspective there would be nothing wrong with slavery or the strongest, most capable subjugating the rest of the population. If there is no concrete moral standard applied then it is permissible for the natural creature to assert his or her natural advantage. Liberals have driven morality from the conversation out of a desire for complete abandonment of the sexual moral ethos of the Christian Judeo ethic. Once they abandoned the moral code they had no choice but abandon true freedom and begin to systematically subjugate everyone they can. That is why policies are in place to dissolve low income families. It is why they created a welfare state. It is why they had to enshrine agnosticism as the state religion. People who are raised by the state, who buy in to the notion that single parenthood is greater than a traditional family, and who rely on the government to subsist are not free. They have been subjugated to a more clever class who sells handouts as freedom from work and atheism as freedom from consequences. Neither view leads to a free society.

  • Freedom or free access to abuse?

    It seems like conservatives forgot how hard they fought to keep the apartheid in South Africa and segregation in the U.S. But, wow! Now conservatives want to be the champions of freedom! But I know why. The kind of freedom they want is the one that will allow the to abuse the little guy as much as they can. Yeah! The kind of freedom that AIG and other bankers like! It seems like they did not learn the lesson with the economic meltdown, where they end up begging the government for help!

    Posted by: Aned
  • Blanket Statement Cannot Be Agreed To

    The question being posed is such that I cannot answer in the affirmative. I think there are portion or fractions of today's Liberal movement that is anti-freedom whether or not those involved are aware of it. Taking away one's freedom to enjoy a beverage because the government knows best what you should be able to eat is anti-freedom. On the other hand, ensuring that a woman can choose what to do with her body is a facet of freedom Liberalism embraces. So while I do think there are certain aspects of the liberal's agenda that can be restrictive on freedom, it is not something I can agree with as a whole.

    Posted by: pdrm
  • No

    I don't think liberals are afraid of freedom. They are in fact pro freedom. The gay rights and color discrimination is in favor of liberals. Although in some way liberals are afraid of being on their own and not having a support system as the Obama care is on it's way at this moment.

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