• Liberalism or Anarchy

    The concept of things, coming ultimately progressive comes into a construct of promoting every subjective percpective in the country. That being said why is poligamy wrong? Why is Monogomy wrong? Liberalism is a uniformity of swaying under a transition of being under the contention of a progressively altering flux in influence. A socialistic dynamic in coming into understand the far scale of liberalism is in sense a acknowlegement of anarchy if its influuenced that something as even the nature of a human being violent is a recognizance to the authority of the media, or any other Social hierarchy. Therefore why is child porn wrong? Why is child porn right? Why is Morality an issue if we have freedom? Is true freedom anarchy? And then imply all of these questions on the motion of a prestigious individual and then have a scope of influence and wabam your Liberalism is now hardcore communism, -basing on the point that everything being equal -.-

  • And Conservatives Too

    Liberals are destroying the country by continuing to call for higher government spending on programs with little hope for success and even less accountability. By the same token, conservatives are destroying the country through their intolerance of individual choice making with respect to gay marriage and the failed war on drugs.

  • Two major issues in the liberal agenda,

    1. Fiscally - the liberal agenda is more socialist. I am about having safety net programs and helping the less fortunate. But, we have taken entitlements to far and it is weighing the country down. Home ownership was put forth as an entitlement as is healthcare. Both are wrecking us financially. These are only two examples.
    2. Socially - the liberal agenda try to squelch personal accountability and individual performance standards. For example education standards have been reduced under the liberal agenda. Also see above trying to position homeownership as a right, Fannie and Freddie forcing banks to make bad loans in certain geographies so the banks could do business the area. That was Barney Frank and they don't get much worse then him.

    I could write about this all day except I am accountable, conservative and have commitments to keep. But to summarize it seems they always want someone else to pay for things they want and someone else is always to blame for their situation. Just look how long it took this president to stop blaming Bush for everything. Just no accountability in liberalism.

  • No, liberals are not destroying this country.

    Politicians are. And I'm not going to stop there, I'm going to go further and also say people who have the simple minded thought process that 'Political group X is destroying this country' is the bigger problem. Common sense has no place for such partisan black and white views.

    Liberals are hardly any better than Republicans, better at least they tend to wise up to how petty and nonsensical some issues are a lot sooner than Republicans do. (Like say, gay marriage. This shouldn't have ever been an issue.)

  • The problem isn't liberals, the problem is apathy.

    What it comes down to, the reason this country is such a mess right now is that the People no longer take an interest in what their elected representatives are doing. People are now so unthinking and unconcerned with anything other than what benefits them or what is on their television sets that they are content to do as they are told and vote as they are told. "I belong to political party X, therefore, whether or not the candidate for that party is right for our nation, I am going to vote for that person," has become the norm versus the exception. Conservatives and Liberals are so close in their quest for power and dominance that they have become two sides of the same coin. Both are equally driven to acquiring power at the expense of the People's liberties and freedoms. Neither is concerned with anything else.
    Therefore, it is up to the ruling class of this country, the People, to correct the problem. But, they are so content to let those in public office to do their thinking for them that they have forgotten how to think for themselves. Now they merely vote along party lines then complain about what the other party is doing, even when the other party is doing exactly what their own party is doing.
    Never before in the history of this country has there been a greater divide amongst our people over nothing than there is today. Instead of demanding that our Congress pass a balanced budget, we argue over whether or not Trayvon's murder was racially motivated. Instead of demanding Congress spend within its means, we argue over whether or not the President has ever had a homosexual relationship. Instead of demanding that our Rights as outlined in the Constitution be upheld, we argue over how many of those Rights we should allow Congress to take away from us. Instead of demanding higher standards for our schools, we argue over whether or not the colors red and green should be allowed in schools during the Holiday Season. And it goes on and on and on.
    Division, distraction and fear are the tools best used by our government to achieve their nefarious goals while We The People suffer indignities like illegal body cavity searches, police brutality and our children and elderly are molested by TSA agents.
    I saw a post on Facebook where the person was complaining that there was nobody standing up for the citizens of this country. I told him it was HIS responsibility to stand up for the citizens. He did not like that because he had become so apathetic that he believes it is the responsibility of someone else to stand up for the citizens of our country. It isn't. It is the responsibility of the citizens of this country to stand up for themselves. Until a majority of the People are willing to do so, this country will continue its downward spiral until it dies.

  • No, not specifically the liberals.

    Although the liberals are a major part of the problem, they are not the cause; the cause is corruption. The conservatives are equally liable. Corruption is what has really ruined this country. Greedy bankers, greedy CEOs, greedy politicians, greedy everything. We go off to foreign countries to kill people in the name of fighting terror. In reality, we're there for money. Not only that, but have you noticed that the wealth gaps have been expanding tremendously recently? What is ruining this nation is not socialism, not communism, not terrorism, not liberalism, but pure and simple corruption.

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