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  • Liberals are more tolerant

    First, reading some of the responses on the conservative side of this debate are downright comedic. Liberals are all about let's get high and legalize pot and what not. And you think it's hard being a conservative in Massachusetts? Try being a staunch liberal in North Carolina.
    Anyway, I firmly believe that Liberals are more tolerant than conservatives. Living and working where I do, I'm forced to be exposed to conservative world views constantly. Non-tolerance of LGBT people, non-tolerance of Muslims, non-tolerance of basically anyone who is not a white, gun-toting pro-life heterosexual Christian is what I see the most. The viewpoints that liberals tend to espouse I think equate to more tolerance and freedom than conservative viewpoints. Things like tolerance of both straight AND gay people. Respecting the fact that the United States of America is a land of religious freedom (which does not automatically mean we are a Christian nation), and to be respectful of everyone, whether they are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Atheist, etc. Being pro-choice, which is a stance that most liberals take, is another example. If you choose to have an abortion, have one. If not, don't have one. Simple. One person is not looked down upon over another.

  • What an idiotic question

    Liberals are, by definition, more tolerant than conservatives.


    Holding to traditional attitudes and values and cautious about change or innovation, typically in politics or religion.

    A person who is averse to change and holds to traditional values and attitudes, typically in politics.


    The past is well known for being intolerant, and Tory/Republican ideologies are the very definition of keeping to the past. One does not find liberal homophobes, racists or sexists. While it is true that I cannot speak for every conservative in existence, I cannot think of a reason -besides intolerance, greed or fear- which justifies voting for them.

  • That's the definition of being liberal.

    That's the definition of being liberal. Being tolerant, and open to change. This is a fact! Why is there a debate about it? How are the opposers leading in terms of votes? Just google "define liberal." Here:

    favorable to or respectful of individual rights and freedoms.
    "liberal citizenship laws"
    synonyms: tolerant, unprejudiced, unbigoted, broad-minded, open-minded, enlightened; More

    Don't believe me? Google it yourself.

  • Many of them are

    Obviously there are the ones who will get all in your face but liberals want people to simply to do what makes them happy and healthy in my opinion and if that is a guy marrying his boyfriend, fine, if it is implementing a seatbelt law, great. Liberals want to give more freedom of choice. They are more tolerant to different lifestyles despite personal beliefs.

  • Yes, by far!

    Whether it's in the area of social issues such as marriage equality or reproductive rights, environmental issues such as global warming and conservation, or economic policy such as helping the less fortunate, liberal policy tends to be more tolerant and accepting of people of all walks of life. Liberals are more tolerant.

  • Liberals are far more tolerant than conservatives.

    Here's how this works; Liberals are tolerant of other people, but we are intolerant of intolerance and we are intolerant of stupidity. If you don't believe in global warming, it is you versus 97% of all academic research conducted on the matter between 1968 and the present. You are a massive idiot. It's about time you realize that it is a present danger and could adversely affect our way of life. If you don't "accept" homosexuality, then yes, you are a bigot and you should be tolerated just as much as you tolerate homosexuals. I don't care if you like them or not, you can have whatever opinion you'd like, just leave them alone because it's not your business. If you "support the second amendment" instead of all of the constitution in its entirety and its job to protect its citizens via the government, then you are an unabashed, drooling idiot and yes, you are indeed a gun-toting, bible-thumping redneck hooligan whose opinion should be wholly and unequivocally disregarded. You are allowed to have a different opinion of me, but I'm not going to tolerate outright willful retardation.

  • Liberals are only tolerant when you believe as they believe and act in the way they think you should act. Don't think outside the box.

    I don't believe that being gay is genetic. I believe the act of homosexuality is a sin. To a liberal I am a homophobe, hater, christian scum, idiot, moron, racist (they like this word). But, did I ever say once that I hated that person? No, I detest the sin but I love the person as Jesus would love them. They don't want to hear that part. It's a choice. Now let me have my choice not to accept it. It is against God's law.

  • Generally speaking, yes

    Liberals can be intolerant, but here is the difference: when liberals are intolerant of something (usually something like bigotry), they express their disapproval of it verbally, and it usually ends there. When conservatives are intolerant, they do things like pass laws that stifle the rights of people that are not like them.

  • For the most part.

    Liberals are more tolerant of people with different sexualities, religions, races and cultures. Consecutive a tend to dislike people of other religions and races and they tend to dislike homosexuality because it's against the bible. Some liberals like bill maher are very intolerant of other religions and very hateful. Some conservatives tend to be more open minded. It's not black and white. Not all liberals are tolerant and not all conservatives are annoying. For the most part liberals are more tolerant than conservatives.

  • There is a grey area

    'Liberal' is a very very broad ideology, to answer the question you first need to narrow it down a bit. Are you talking about US Liberals (Democrats) or Liberals in the UK (Lib Dems) or anywhere else in the world because if so that is very different from Democrat ideology. On the whole, worldwide I would say Liberals are tolerant, I mean in the UK we are in a coalition with Conservatives, so if we wern't tolerant that would have fell apart years ago but worldwide the situation can be different.

  • No they aren't

    They put on a show about how tolerant they are, of all views. But in reality, they use minorities the get what they want (more control) under the guise of "torlerance". They say they respect all views, but try and disagree with them. "Oh, you oppose abortion? Well you're a bigot!" "You oppose same-sex marriage? Well you're a homophobe!" Basically, they respect everyone's views, so long as they are in line with their own views. Otherwise, they are just as intolerant as the conservatives who they claim to tolerate.

  • No Liberals Tend to Be Intolerant On A Lot

    Liberals more than conservatives are likely to get in your face about cigarettes or about obesity. Liberals were mostly behind the seatbelt laws and motorcycle helmet laws in many states. Conservatives of course can't make any special claims to tolerance since they are against gay rights and the right to choose an abortion. But liberals shouldn't act like they are more tolerant than conservatives.

  • I can't say that either are tolerant.

    Conservatives are often intolerant of gays and people who have abortions. Conservatives like Christians. However, liberals are intolerant of people who like to have guns, people who do not like gays, people who think that Christianity is the best philosophy, people who support organized religion(depending upon the person), and many other basic things. In addition, conservatives simply try to prevent change in a person's rights, republicans do not support gay marriage. However, liberals continuously try to take rights away, they want to take away guns.

  • Those liberals tolerant?

    I say no. They are pushy about tolerance. However, several are some of the MOST intolerant people I have ever met. They hate anything Christian. I am very Catholic who is very involved in my church. They hate and mock Christianity. They also use other races thinking they're helping them, which they're not. It never matters by the color of your skin or religion, it matters by your actions. I am a hardcore conservative and get along with anyone as long as they get along with me. I follow the Bible and believe in it. Liberals call people who don't agree with them rednecks, inbred, and bigots. Now that's intolerant.

  • Liberals speak of tolerance, but they don't show it in action

    Liberals love talking about how super tolerant they are. But the thing is, they don't actually define tolerance as "respecting others views", but rather they define it as simply agreeing with whatever it is that they do.

    I will agree that some (read: some) conservatives, depending on the country you live in, have views on such people as homosexuals that could be described as indeed being intolerant. But at the same time, liberals have turned the act of not tolerating those who are different from them self's into an art form. They live in a personal bubble world where no outside thoughts are allowed to enter, and may god have mercy on those who try to slip some of their own into it.

    But the worst part is that they don't even practice what they preach. Recently a liberal leader (well, in my country we technically call them social-democrats) said bad things about uneducated foreigners coming to our country, and when I asked some liberals why they tolerated his anti-immigrant speech but hated right-wingers who did the same, they said it was ok because "his criticism was economical in nature but not based on hate and racism". Ok then, I guess conservative talk of immigrants causing unemployment and lower wages is not about economics then? Another example is their view on religion. They pick and choose when hating religion is ok and when it isn't. Think Islam is a backwards religion? Your racist. Think Christians and/or Catholics are the scum of the world? Your just decent thinking liberal. This is one of the key reasons for why I can't stand them. They have no problem with breaking their own rules, it's only bad if others do it.

    So no, liberals are not more tolerant than conservatives.

  • Liberals are douches

    Liberals are intolerant of opposing views. If you don't believe in global warming you're a denialist and you should lose your job is a typical liberal view. If you don't accept homosexuality then you should lose your job. If you support the second amendment you're evil is another typical liberal viewpoint and you should be sent to prison. Liberals are the most intolerant people on the planet.

  • Liberals are tolerant if you agree with them.

    The word "tolerant" is how a person behaves towards things they don't like and don't approve of. Just like freedom of speech is about protecting speech that is bad, and freedom of assembly is for the nutcase group the majority despises, and freedom of religion is for people who believe things that aren't mainstream. We *tolerate* only the things we don't like at all, or else it's not tolerance, it's *agreement*.

    Sure, lots of conservatives are intolerant too, but it's at least possible to explain the concept to them of other people being allowed to do things and make choices the conservatives don't like. Try to explain this concept to a Liberal, and you'll find that not liking something or disapproving of something makes you a bigot they don't have to tolerate in the least.

    In fact, not liking something and not wanting to pay for it, makes you a horrible hater that liberals get to hate. There is no "I don't like what you do with your own money but it's yours and it's your life and a free country," it's "how dare you not violate your beliefs, pay for my choices and celebrate my life, you hater scumbag bigot!"

  • Not in my experience

    In all the debates I have had over different issues with people, by far the ones that are most open minded and at least willing to remain civil during the discussion are those who have a more conservative mindset. Most of the liberals I have conversations with quickly bring up race or anything else they can think of to try and shut the debate down.

  • As long as you agree

    Yes, liberals are tolerant...As long as you agree with them. They are not tolerant of traditional values or conservative beliefs. Those who hold traditional or conservative beliefs are often labeled with derogatory terms. The arguments are often very emotional and passionate rather than logical and well-educated. They might say they are intolerant of conservative beliefs because those beliefs impinge on the civil liberties of other people. The fallacy here is that there is an underlying assumption that the person holding the conservative beliefs is less important and of less value than those they disagree with, so it's ok to call the conservative person names and tell them how "stupid" they are for believing such "nonsense". But just because they hold a certain belief does not mean they are in another person's face in an attempt to force that belief on them, so why do liberals seem to think it's ok to dismiss conservative beliefs outright? It's ok to be different! Even if "different" means "traditional"! "Liberal" or "conservative"....We need to drop the labels and start evaluating people based upon their character.

  • It's absurd how intolerant the so called liberals have become.

    Try telling a "liberal" you are going to drive your gas guzzling carbon emitting older car down to shop at Walmart and you suddenly see how tolerant he really is. Political people (a better term would be blind sheep) have kidnapped the term liberal (AND conservatives have done the same. I am a true liberal, but to look at my political and economic views a liberal would call me a fascist.

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