• Um I would have to say so.

    Conservatives are extremely narrow-minded. They are not open to change for the better. They are not willing to listen or change something if change is needed. I'm not saying all liberals are geniuses, but when I think of the top of my head of some conservatives I get Ann Coulter, Hannibal, Josh Barro, O'reily. These are just a few that are always up in the news for something "off putting" they've done or said. They also forget separation of church and state exists. Which is really irritating. Even my Governor Jan Brewer is bonkers.

  • Based on the studies I've seen, yes.

    People that watch Fox News are largely conservative, and studies have shown that Fox News viewers know the least about the issues.

    People that identify as liberal tend to have higher IQ's then people who identify as conservative.

    College educated citizens tend to identify more liberal then conservative.

    So short answer, yes.

  • Yes, and even without the source:

    The origin of values and preferences is an unresolved theoretical question in behavioral and social sciences. The Savanna-IQ Interaction Hypothesis, derived from the Savanna Principle and a theory of the evolution of general intelligence, suggests that more intelligent individuals may be more likely to acquire and espouse evolutionarily novel values and preferences (such as liberalism and atheism and, for men, sexual exclusivity) than less intelligent individuals, but that general intelligence may have no effect on the acquisition and espousal of evolutionarily familiar values (for children, marriage, family, and friends). The analyses of the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health (Study 1) and the General Social Surveys (Study 2) show that adolescent and adult intelligence significantly increases adult liberalism, atheism, and men’s (but not women’s) value on sexual exclusivity.

  • Depending on how you are quantifying "smart".

    Of course we are talking about trends across the entire group, not individuals as a whole- at least the question was worded that way. Any given conservative and any given liberal may certainly not follow the trend of the group as a whole.
    One must also be careful not to link correlation to causation. While the trends below are correlative, there is no evidence that conservatism CAUSES lower IQ or education levels.

    (1) Liberals as a group have a higher average IQ than conservatives. While many studies show this, one of the largest was by the London School of Politics and Economics, which showed that liberalism and atheism were associated with higher IQs. These IQs were statistically significant, though not outrageously large in magnitude- an average of 10 points. Oddly enough, sexual exclusivity in men also ranked higher IQs, though this was not true of women.
    A related study at Brock University in Ontario showed that low-intelligence adults tend to gravitate towards socially conservative ideologies.

    (2) Liberals have a higher average level of education than conservatives. The Pew Forum's research shows that while 28% of conservatives have college degrees, 49% of liberals do. This also translates to standard of living (most likely due to the increase in income a college degree can afford one)- 30% of conservatives had incomes over 75k per year, while 41% of liberals did.

    So as a group- yes, liberals have a higher average level of education and a higher average IQ, two factors usually used in determining whether or not a person is "smart".

  • I'd Have To Say Yes!

    Liberals tend to have an open mind when it comes to things like science and change. Conservatives seem to think their Bibles beat science on everything. The Bible is fairytales, but science is proof. Liberals are also way more optimistic than conservatives tend to be. Liberals see the future of bad environment, and war on terrorism.

  • Yes yes yes

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  • It is not about intelligence but attitude towards issues.

    But the willingness to be open minded to all points of view and to not be afraid of being wrong in the face of new data. Only when you stick to your position strictly on the basis to oppose "the other team" is when one lacks intelligence. This happens with people on both sides.

  • Fine arts require a higher IQ

    Literature, music, art in general require high intelligence. Conervatives hate art and continue to belittle the arts. Plus who has more toilet bowl planters? Liberals or Conservatives? Conservatives also rely on a 2000 year old series of manuscripts written by Jews and Greeks as a moral compass. Similar to teaching a dog right and wrong for fear of being spanked by sky God. No free thinking for conservatives you're just stupid if you don't believe in the "trickle down" Jesus and that's all I got to say about that.

  • Liberal ideologies are in general more intelligent.

    Society evolves by moving forward not clinging on to the past.

    In general conservatives seem to be narrow minded (consider fox news audience who eat up their in dane propaganda). They are often racist or unable to accept others (often without realising it) such as acknowledging gay rights etc. Conservatives are almost always religious which is yet another argument to be made regarding intelligence (they believe man written stories about magic and invisible overlords...). Conservatives constantly blame immigrants for problems in society and are distrusting of outsiders who they do understand.

    True Liberals on the other hand believe in equality for all and push for human rights for all. Have in general a more caring attitude towards outsiders such as struggling refugees or the homeless (hence their support for social security). Compassion for fellow human beings is a sign of intelligence. Working together as a whole society will evolve in positive ways. Often liberals are anti war and atheist also a sign of intelligence. War almost never ends well as history has shown and should only be used as a last measure. Liberals are also in general more open minded about new things and have a more rational thought process (for example they realise racism is wrong as humans are born equal).

  • A Mixed Bag

    I have read a lot of the research concerning the relationship between politics and intelligence. Conservative voters do tend to have a lower average IQ (94) than liberals (106). However a lot of the research indicates though that this doesn't mean that conservative ideas are any less smart than liberal ones. It means that smarter people tend to vote more liberal. I have read two reasons for this that make a large amount of sense: (1) smart people tend to vote liberal because it differentiates them from the general public and (2) that smart people have a tendency to defy basic impulses of human nature, which conservatism is more akin to. Therefore they vote liberal because it is the party that goes against human impulse. So it isn't that liberal policies are necessarily smarter, just that more intelligent people are attracted to them.

  • No, the whole dam# idea is based on a false set of notions about conservatives.

    People who have supposedly done IQ tests about this and other studies couldn't possibly evaluate the intelligence of conservatives in general. Conservatism is NOT a style of thinking, or living, or problem solving. It IS a set of doctrines; largely political. Strong adherence to the individual interpretation of the 2nd Amendment, Supply Side Economics or Austrian/Chicago School/Neo Classical economics, Strong property owner rights, largely pro life, believe in the restoration of a more traditional morality in society, and so on. If you are going to judge conservatism you have to judge it based on it's ideas not make some attempt to pin politics to genetics in hopes of restoring some sort of Neo-eugenics movement.

  • Liberals are not smarter than conservatives

    In fact, the Average Joe in America is not ideological. There are many conservatives who don't want the government to get rid of Social Security or Medicare. There are many liberals who don't believe corporations are always "evil." It is a simple question that can not be given a simple answer. I will say this, as one gets older one should become more conservative(not become a conservative) and less liberal. Why you ask? As one gets older they become less idealistic and more practical because they find out the world functions in a particular way. To put it plainly, "ideas have consequences;" you realize it more when you get older with experience with failed ideas.

  • Politics does not define your life

    The case has been made that conservatives are narrow-minded. Firstly, to make this argument you have to be narrow-minded and unable to accept that some people have different opinions to you. As mentioned earlier, there are many smart people on both sides of the isle. Furthermore, there is so much more to life than politics! To call people less intelligent simply because their political views are different from yours is unsubstantiated and ridiculous.

  • Plank in the eye.

    First and foremost, their are very bright people on both sides and one can find fallacy in both sides arguments. Liberals despise conservatives because they defy them with morals and ethics that most stanch die hard lefty's just don't seem to have this day and age. Take a moment and think about where a conservative is coming from. Why a group of people (Liberals), hate America and choose to stay here and complain about the most pathetic and idiotic crap not meaningful to today's real issues. Our country is so divided along so many racial and political lines, we need to find bi-partisan ways to meet in the middle. SOOOOOO long as its not a socialistic wealth distribution bull crap scheme.

  • How could politics determine your IQ?

    You don't have to be conservative or liberal to more smart than the other person. In fact, some of the most intelligent people to live didn't even get involved in politics. Many of them were involved in other things like philosophy, science, mathematics, religion, and other things. The fact is, imagination is the true sign of intelligence. Just ask Einstein.

  • Well, time to address the hasty generalization

    When are we going to learn? You can't say that one group of people is smarter than another. Chances are, you're being stereotypical. There are plenty of smart conservatives. In fact, tea party members were proven to statistically more well versed in science than non-tea party members:


    There's my daily dose of evidence.

    To sum it up, no liberals are not smarter than conservatives, and I'm not going to make the claim the other way around. People make intellectual decisions based on the information they've received in their lifetime. One or both of these groups may be mistaken on all or some accounts, but the fact is that you can't just throw all conservatives together and say "you're not as smart as liberals." It's a false view to hold.

    Thank you for reading.

  • Read 'How to Lie with Statistics' by Darrell Huff.

    Liberals believe compassion should be a governmental attribute, not a personal one. Once compassion has been delegated to beaurocrats they can be as uncompassionate as they like in their day to day interactions.

    Conseratives get educated, earn money, take top jobs, go to work the day after their Mother dies, keep the ball rolling.

    Liberals whinge and complain, are hateful and judgemental and cliquey. It's not Conservatives you see out marching in the street being hateful, conducting selective IQ surveys and trying to force the world to see everything through a gender neutral lense. Conservatives are more likely to give $10 to a homeless person than a raging 'liberal' with blue hair, tattoos and a piercing that looks like a booger hanging out of their nose who stomps on by and looks the other way.

  • Not even close.

    I feel like they need others to tell them what to support or what to be against in every age group. Schooling (Especially the college years) is very liberal and that 'teaches' them up to about 22 years old. Hollywood (hardly any conservatives) tells them that conservatism is bad and that 'teaches' them up to about 38 years old. And the MSM (only 7% of American journalist are conservative) bash conservatives and conservative policies 24/7/365 and that 'teaches' them up to about 65 years of age.

  • Liberals have too much faith in government

    Even most liberals would admit that government regularly fails the people. If you don't believe that, just ask them about the Bush Administration and they'll give you an earful. However, liberals tend to believe that with the right person in charge, government won't be so slow, stupid, inefficient, and badly run. Human history proves that they're wrong about that.

  • Liberals have too much faith in government

    Even most liberals would admit that government regularly fails the people. If you don't believe that, just ask them about the Bush Administration and they'll give you an earful. However, liberals tend to believe that with the right person in charge, government won't be so slow, stupid, inefficient, and badly run. Human history proves that they're wrong about that.

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