• Yes it is

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  • Yes it is

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  • More like liberals AND conservatives

    I read my bible and I see that Jesus would just cast out the left and right. The left aches to do a second french revolution. The want the bible outlawed and labeled anything perceived as judgmental as a hate crime.
    Then the right WORSHIPS money. Pro life, But then good luck when you are born. They devour widows homes for a quick buck and hate orphans and claimed to be godly but then live like the liberals. A lot of homos hide in the right wing. And they act like prostitutes to the highest donors.
    I just want to be left alone but every year these clowns come. Do you support helping transgenders get free surgery and pay for this unnecessary gay art exhibit and all these programs?

    And the other group do you want vote for no tax but lower wages? And can I interest you in a super max private prison that I own? For every 20 voters I will arrest someone and bill the expenses to you.

    Come on people wake up and cast out these politicians,

  • No they not

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