• They are a vital part of the community.

    Yes, I think that libraries are still a necessity in today's world. Not all of the world's knowledge can be found on computers. There are still some things you need to look up in a regular book. And librarians are great sources of information. Further, modern libraries are often part community center.

  • Yes, they are

    I think they can be useful in many ways. If you are looking for a place to study or to just kick back and read, its the right place. The Internet is free there as well, so they do have a place in todays world. You can't just get rid of all prints, its just morally wrong.

  • Libraries must evolve

    It's easy to forget, libraries aren't just warehouses where books are stored. Not anymore. The books live everywhere now. I have more titles on a flash drive than any 3 branch libraries in my city, and access to more data than the library of congress a search away. Library sciences are about harnessing that knowledge, researching, pulling useful data from a sea of information. That is a skill we need more than ever.

  • Libraries are a mainstay

    While libraries are certainly doomed by exploding technology, there remains a niche that they fill. It is no longer necessary to provide bookmobiles to outlying area, And, some may say that libraries are dinosaurs in today's tech revolution. Nonetheless, great libraries have been repositories of knowledge throughout history. For now at least, they can evolve into fewer brick and mortar buildings with greater use of technology. The privatization of libraries is streamlining costs while offering specialized services to the community. Nostalgia and modernization will safeguard libraries.

  • Yes, libraries are still a necessity.

    I think that libraries are still a necessity in today's world and have a place in society. Some people still want to be able to read information out of a book rather than a page on the internet. A lot of people also do not have access to the Internet and depend on the library.

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