Are light-skinned African American treated differently, viewed more attractive ,than dark-skinned A.A.?

Asked by: DreadJoker
  • Light Skin has always been viewed as attractive.

    You can actually find books with old literature that points out that light skin is always better. Even in one of William Shakespeare famous poem( cant remember the name of it sorry) it points out that light skin is prettier. Even those in the African-American community you can tell that those with lighter skin tone get noticed compared to the darker skinned ones. Personally I would say that music videos and magazines show that African-Americans with light skin are preferred. Rarely will you ever see one with a darker tone.

  • Yes they are.

    It's Colorism and internalized racism within the African American community. As a result two subcultures within the community has been created: "Team light skin" and " Team dark skin". Predominant white societies view that those with a lighter skin and lighter complexion holds the higher standards of beauty; even with the media also enforcing such a perspective. African American with a dark skin tone are even willing to bleach their skin to look lighter. Another example would be the use of photo filters to make the person to appear to have a lighter complexion as well.

  • Yes they are,

    And there is an entire subculture dedicated to this fact. Generally speaking the lighter the skin the better the treatment and the higher the standard of beauty most of the time in most predominantly white countries but specifically in the United States of America. There is an incredible amount of argumentation as to why this is and too many routes to begin to even select one as an example.

  • I'm white so I have no earthly idea.

    I'm just posting to get this one some attention, cause I am curious what people who actually have an informed opinion have to say. Is that a thing? And if so, why? I thought the whole source of bigotry against African Americans came from racists essentially categorizing them as all the same. "all black people are this, all black people are that" I was always under the impression the whole problem was not seeing everyone as individual. But you are saying there is discrimination not only against a person for being black, but for being a darker color than someone else? That's crazy. I had no idea. I always just assumed it was sort of a preference thing. I am more attracted, for example, to a peachy-toned white guy, or olive toned, than to a super-alabaster walking paper plate face. I don't think it's judging though, it's just an attraction. I wouldn't treat them any differently in a non-sexual context. If we work together I care if you're competent, not if you sunburn on a cloudy moonlit night. I have honestly never heard of this. The couple of black guys I've been with have been REALLY dark. For me, that was part of the attraction, part of the physical allure. But again, I'm white and I live in a predominantly white area, also in a left leaning state. Racism here is not as obvious or blatant as it might be in Georgia or Missouri (remember Michael Brown), so this has never come up where I could see it and form an opinion (obviously it's wrong, just never been a fly on the wall for that).

    Again, I'm not actually saying no here. I'm just discussing on the no side so people will see a 50/50 split from the main page and hopefully get this thread some attention. I ignore threads with a heavy percentage gap, I assume others do to. The 50/50 fights are the ones worth looking at. Hope this helps:)

  • Think about the others situation first.

    I honestly just laugh when I hear someone talk about how biracial girls have it easy/easier. Biracial! I encourage all people reading this to actually put yourself in the others shoes before talking about them. Good luck to you who still think society has a chance for common since. God bless!

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