• They've still got some passion and flair, but they lack some functionality to compete with "Ze germans!"

    I do like their retro esk styling with that "sleek button transmission fitted directly into the dash!" styling, but a lot of their fancy capacitive touch sensitive diddlydangs don't work as well as good old fashioned infotainment buttons, and a bit too ford-ey with quality for a luxury brand.
    They aren't too sporty either, but based on that puss button transmission I think they are marketing towards people with arthritis.
    With the continental concept I think they'll be able to get back a lot of their former glory.

  • They are a shell of the vehicles they used to be

    Today's Lincoln's are like Buicks, no power, no heart, no soul. I would trade 100 MKZs for a Lincoln Continental. Lincoln is now only focussing on fuel economy and fancy computer tech. Those Lincolns have no soul, or heart I wouldn't stop to jump start a MKZ.
    Chevy is the only thing that keeps GM interesting.

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