• Yes, literary classics are important for this generation

    Yes, it's still important for this generation of students to read and understand the literary classics. These books are considered classics precisely because they have stood the test of time, and deal with human nature. Human nature and behavior has not changed dramatically because of any technological differences, although cultures certainly have. Understanding the classics is important because they are timeless, while also providing an understanding of the world that author lived in.

  • It is always imprtant to look back on history

    Young people seem to have a hard time relating to the past. The times were just so different back then, that they can't fathom anything outside their IPhone. If students would give a lot of the old stories a chance, they would be surprised how interesting they are That the older generations thought a lot like them. They might even be more interested because there is a whole world outside of technology.

  • Yes, I think literary classics are important for the current generation of students.

    I think students should learn about and examine the literary classics, these classics have stood the test of time for hundreds of years and are examples of some of the finest writing to ever exist, I think it's very worthwhile for schools to teach these classics and the lessons they tell the readers.

  • No, literary classes are purely a core class and not a necessity for a career.

    No, literally classes should not be important unless it is in the career goals of the student. Literary works take up a lot of time that could be used in subject that furthers the students intelligence. In all honesty, majority of students would find such class a bore, which means they would not put in the work necessary to become knowledgeable.

  • No They're Not

    I do not believe literary classics are important for this generation of students. I think it is important to foster a sense of connection with literature by finding books that interest the reader. It shouldn't matter when the books were written for them to be relevant. I believe many people are not interested in classics, but when they're forced to read them, they can lose interest in reading all together.

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