• Live in relationship has no commitments

    Live in relationship both men and women can live Independently they can not compromise or sacrifies their dream or goal they will not depend on each other economically and they have no reasons to compromise with their dreams. There is no family and no economical commitments in Live in relation this gives them a way to achieve their dreams

  • Yes,live-in relationships are justified.

    There are several good reasons why live-in relationships can be justified.The couple may have plans to marry and may want to make a trial run.They may also be saving money for a more elaborate wedding or just want to keep expenses and affairs separate for a variety of valid reasons.

  • Get Used to Each Other Before Marriage

    Live-in relationships are the perfect way to test the waters with each other before deciding on a married life. If things don't work out, splitting is much easier when just living together is the current arrangement. Getting to know one another in an intimate but not legal setting is a way to determine if the other person is right for you without needing a lawyer and expensive fees for a divorce.

  • Live-in relationship is against the law of God.

    In the first place, if a couple lives together in one house, most probably there can be a sexual intercourse (pms) which is against the words of God. Live in relationship is not a reason of deciding to proceed in marriage. Why not decide it through being together at date rather than staying together at the same house and at the same bed which temptations would probably be present.

  • No, Its not good for our health, soul, social, generation

    If you feel only for present, then you like live-in. But If you feel for your coming age, your health, your socialism, about next generation. Then you have to married. Its not required to expense money in marriage, you can only register in court as its safe. Like as you are driving a car without license, no issue you can drive. But you required license. Why ?

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