• Livestock living on hormones

    I think we are injecting too many growth hormones into the livestock. I understand the need to meet the supply and demand of the world's population, but we are starting to see the effects of ingesting the food from these animals. There are more medical issues, allergies, and behavioral issued developing in humans that are linked to the growth hormones.

  • Too many hormones in our food supply.

    Livestock are being given too many growth hormones for sure. This is shown by the way people are getting all kinds of illnesses in modern society. In addition, it is suspected the hormones are causing hormonal changes in people as well -- making people more prone to being gay and for people to possess some sex characteristics of the opposing gender.

  • That's what is going on

    The livestock issue has been a problem for a while now. To make max profits, as this country loves to do. You have to feed your livestock antibiotics and growth hormones. This way the animals will live and be big. They will be big quicker and farmers or ranchers can get the most money this way. To bad, those antibiotics and growth hormones get passed on to the person who eats it.

  • Yes, livestock are given too much growth hormone.

    I definitely think that livestock is being given way too many growth hormones. I think that it is clear that growth hormones are a very efficient way for some farmers to make sure their livestock are profitable and successful. I think that there needs to be stricter rules regarding growth hormones.

  • More Hormones Equals Scientific Progress

    Chemistry, biology, and agriculture combine to solve issues like world hunger and scarcity of natural resources and that's why we need to leverage these technologies and scientific wonders even more by giving livestock even more hormones. Limiting our potential by restricting how big we can raise our livestock is ludicrous especially when we have only scratched the surface of creating new super animals. Let's not limit ourselves by hampering scientists and farmers.

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