Are lizards cute like mammals? Why or why not?

Asked by: EzDuel
  • It depends on your perception of "cute".

    A lot of them can be cute appearance wise. There have also been many stories of humans forging intimate bonds with reptiles such as snakes or lizards. Reptiles have more than one way of being attractive. Take a look at the belly of a spiny lizard, Or Broadley's flat lizard, A spiny bush viper, Or a radiated tortoise. Even if you don't find them cute, They can still be very beautiful.

  • Yes I own a lizard and he is so cute

    He comes when I call his name he is loving and sentient he can even play video games on my computer try making a dog do that you lizard haters. I think lizards can be cuter than dogs snakes are also so so so so incredibly cute :) :) :)

  • I love them

    Lizards are adorable! It's just a personal taste thing, Of course, But i really love them. Especially when they're wearing stuff like little hats. They're so cute and so sweet! My buddy has a bearded dragon and she's absolutely the sweetest baby ever. Conclusion: lizards are adorable and i love them.

  • Theyre not domesticated and theyre just weird

    They aren't domesticated, So they show no signs of consensual socialism with humans. Their texture is rigid and disturbing. Theyre also either very scared and hide, Or very aggressive and harmful. I think lizards belong in the wild mainly, Unless for conservation. But im not necessarily against owning them as pets, Because theyre not even sentient so its not even abusive.

  • I would say no

    There are not any domesticated lizards that I'm aware of and lizards are rigid, Dry and sometimes dangerous. Easily domesticated animals are mammals and we can feel endearing affection toward them with pleasant reactions. Reptiles are seen as less humane creatures. In less humane creatures, We see less innocent qualities.

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