• Yes, local bars and nightclubs are good for a community.

    Bars and nightclubs can bring in a new demographic of consumers to an area. Having a controlled number of nightlife businesses can help bolster consumer dining and general spending in that area. Patrons are likely to find a place to eat, or purchase small goods at local convenience stores before and after bars/nightclub visits. Having these bars in community shopping areas keeps the neighborhoods quiet and safe from poor decisions made by nar/nightclub patrons.

  • Yes they can be

    Local bars and nightclubs can be a good thing here in the United States of America for communities across the country. Bars and nightclubs allow people to socialize and interact with those that are around them and let them talk about events that are going around in their areas and states.

  • Absolutely, yes, bars and nightclubs are good for a neighborhood.

    I have romantic notions of the old fashioned pub, where neighbors could meet of an evening, have a few pints and walk home. The pubs served as a place of social interaction and relaxation, and a bit of adult fun. They could gossip, talk politics, and weather, crop failures and whatever, and go home having a more friendly, and less lonely, attitude about their lives in general.

  • People are going to drink somewhere, it might as well promote business.

    Communities have a few choices when it comes to alcohol. They can deny the sale entirely, and then lose revenue on the taxes. They can allow for the sale, but not the distribution, which allows them to make some money in sales tax, and property taxes, but still not really support small business. Or, they can give in to immorality and embrace capitalism by opening bars and nightclubs. The tax and liscensing revenue flow at max levels and allows the government to fund social programs like kids Pre-k.

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