Are logic and reasoning more effective than research and evidence?

Asked by: Romanii
  • Science is meaningless to its creator

    If a programmer creates Sim City, its people can lokk to science all they want. But since the programmer can recode, alter, delete, add to, or manipulate their science and alter it, this would mean their science proves unhelpful in finding any truth. Only the programmer would know the truth, so finding him would be the logical goal..

  • Logic Not More Effective than Research

    No, while certainly important, logic and reasoning are not more effective than research and evidence. Research that provides evidence gives conclusive proof of the world around us, while logic gives ways of interpreting that truth to make sure it is consistent, but logic cannot produce new truth by itself alone.

  • Research and Evidence are More Effective

    I am personally a more logic based person when it comes to decision making but in the long run it is more effective to back up your statements with research and evidence. It may not be efficient to do it all of the time because researching and finding evidence can take up a lot of time for the most basic questions or debates, but it's necessary to note that much of the logic that individuals may have are based on previous research and facts that they read about before. I base a lot of my reasoning using facts and evidence to make a clear reason and choice, so in general research and evidence prove to be more effective.

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