Are love marriages better than arranged marriages?

  • I Prefer Love

    As an American citizen I can not imagine being part of an arranged marriage. Marriage and working with a partner is a difficult challenge and I can only imagine the challenge is even more difficult if you are not in love with the person you are marrying. I believe both face the same challenges and probably feel about the same towards each other in old age, if the marriage survives.

  • Love marriages are better than arranged marriages.

    I believe that love marriages are better than arranged marriages. With arranged marriages the couple doesn't really get a chance to get to know each other. They have little control or say as to who their spouse will be. Love marriages are built on people who have spent time together and have gotten to know each other. They will last longer.

  • Lower divorce rates

    Arranged marriages have lower divorce rates.
    I don't agree with arranged marriages.
    But you'd be dumb, not to realise that marriage based on love has only been the norm about half a century, or less than a century at the max.
    It aint working.
    Divorce rates are sky high.
    I personally believe marriage should be based on raising kids, nothing else but that.
    If you have to be married to realise that the other loves you, then you're a retard.

  • Arranged marriage is practical.

    Your family does a thorough background check on your partner's family, their personality, their financial stability and the like. On the other hand, parent's are more experienced on marriage related issues than you. It's true that you won't madly fall in love with your spouse-to-be at first sight, but you can go on a date and get to know the person gradually. Then, love will slowly develop n the bond will grow stronger. I truly believe that the term 'love marriage' is a misnomer. Is it that arranged marriages are devoid of love?? Of course not!

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