• Low wage workers demonized by right-wing media

    Recently in america, a new term has been coined to describe 40% of our nations labor force "working poor" When my mother worked in the 1950-1960s if you mentioned working poor to you she would think you were making it up, back then anyone to wasn't a bum and actually worked survived and had the full integrity of not requiring public assistance to survive, nowadays this once oxymorn has become a reality for most americans, and the right wing media comes up with fallacious narrative that many of their viewers dont fact check about minimum wage. Most people who work FULL TIME rely on public assistance and they continue to say " look at these lazy bums, taking MY TAX dollars "spit" " they cut 45 billion from food stamps in 2013, but corporate subsidies increased.

  • U.S. Low-wage workers are treated as easily replacable

    In the U.S. low-wage workers are treated so poorly one might think that their employers view them as disposable. Owners of fast-food chains, retail, and other service industry-type businesses ask of their employees a lot but compensate very little. Low-wage employees, since not unionized, are not able to stand up for workers' rights such as raises in pay, paid sick leave, or paid maternity leave. If an individual employee does try to ask for any of these benefits, it is often made clear that they are "easily replaceable."

  • Low wage workers are treated poorly

    Low wage workers are treated very poorly in the united states and that is a disgrace. America has lost its sense of humanity and. Their are so many people trying to make a living off of low wages and are barely making ends meet. They stay at those jobs and get talked to anyway because they no other place to go.

  • low-wage workers U.S.

    Yes I do think that the low- wage workers of the US are treated poorly and are treated worse than people who have money. Sometimes people who have more money feel like they are better than poor people but this is not true. They treat poor people like they dont matter as much.

  • Sadly they are

    Some are treated poorly. Its sad to see how when its a minimum wadge job and people are unhappy, employers will be like "if your not happy I'll just find someone else to do it for the same money". I think it's still sad how people who don't make as much money as others are considered "worse". Money does talk, and the more you make the more people are open to listening to you.

  • Low-wage Workers Rebellion Unfair

    Low-wage workers are continuously raising their voice on low payment, unfair treatment and false employers` intentions. What we need to focus here and more importantly is the issue with the lack of alternative work placements and available diversified earnings opportunities for the U.S. citizens today. As we all know market demand drives market supply and if the labour market for the low-age workers shrinks significantly, due to - for example - work force outflow to better paid jobs, employers will increase the salaries.

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