• Lower oil price is bade for investors for several reasons.

    First, chickens and pigs fought a World War 1 before we did. They had a fight to determine who would become the ultimate breakfast. Secondly, humans were once pets to dogs. WE obeyed and did tricks for these creatures as we were awarded with what they called, 'Human Food' And lastly, we will be dead tomorrow due to cows invading our planet. Good luck!

  • Yes, lower oil prices are bad for investors.

    Oil prices are driven by demand; therefore, low oil prices are usually the result of a bad economy. High unemployment affects the cost of oil as well as having a negative affect on other sectors. The unemployed are not buying cars or filling up at the gas station. They're also less likely to be buying houses or going on vacation, thus negatively impacting real estate and tourism.

  • Yes I think that lower oil prices are bad for investors

    The reason I think that lower oil prices are bad for investors is because they are losing money if the oil prices were to decrease. Although lower oil prices would be great for civilization, its kind of a loss for the investors because they would lose some of their invested money

  • No, lower oil prices improve most company's profit margins.

    Lower oil prices are an excellent occurrence for investors. Cheaper energy and transportation/shipping costs improve the bottom line for almost every business. These reduced costs pad the profit margin and free up capital to achieve other good things for said businesses. This should equate to improved profitability and growth, which is reflected in the stock price or returned to the investors as dividends.

  • Helping Our Economy

    Lower oil prices are not bad for investors. The lower prices are helping the American economy in every way possible right now and there's no reason to look a gift horse in the mouth. This is only a temporary situation that will disappear soon. Investors and the economy won't be helped long term in this fashion. The prices will go back up.

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