Are McDonald's burgers better than Burger King's?

  • Their WAY better

    The seasoning for mcdonalds is way better than burger king. The meat is juicy, mouth watering. At burger king you taste everything but the burger mostly mayo or the nasty sauce they put on their sandwiches. Mcdonalds burgers are more filling burger king has variety but its the same thing a burger with barbeque sauce then another burger thats the same just add onion rings wow big difference.

  • Way better than Burger King

    According to the data I collected from both the McDonald and Burger King websites, McDonalds are better for you in terms of health. Also, npolls.Com states that McDonalds is more popular. McDonalds has way better advertising than Burger King and is better known to more people. McDonalds is also very well known in Europe.

  • Its a deffinate yes

    McDonald's burger deffinately taste nicer and look more presentable than burger king. You can already tell by the wrapping of the burgers. They do much more advertisement because they have money if they have money they are earning a lot which is because millions of people buy from them instead of burger king.

  • Yes They Are

    McDonald's is better than Burger King and a big reason for that is their burgers. They are superior is every way possible. The Big Mac is better than any sandwich Burger King has on their menu. McDonald's burgers are so much better that they can discontinue them for a while, then bring them back and still have a high demand for them.

  • Yes, McDonald's Is Far Better

    Burger King just tastes disgusting sometimes. I think the slather on too much mayo, and that's always been my experience every time I have gone through a Burger King drive through. Though, I would also argue that Wendy's is better than the both of them, but all three don't even come close to the taste of a New Jersey diner burger.

    Posted by: rpr
  • Better ha ha

    It is cheaper it also has better texture and just the right amount of salt on the fries. It is also better because BK uses horse meat. LIKE WHO WANTS HORSE MEAT IN THEIR BURGERS LIKE WHAT THE HAY
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  • Burger King is better

    It tastes better. It smells better. The customer service is phenomenal. The aroma is pleasant. The atmosphere is superb. The aesthetic is splendid. McDonald's, on the other hand, is trash. The taste is poor and manufactured. The service is subpar. Like, every time you go, the ice cream machine is "broken". It just isn't good.

  • Hell yeah !!!

    1: Mcdonalds has way more cleaner version of making burgers I worked at Burger King and they really dont give a fuck about if they mess up or the bun fells down ! And my cousin worked at McDonalds and she said that if they mess up or if the food fells on the ground they re-do it.
    2: Its way better and the sauces are way better so are the fries.
    3: If your trying to eat healthier then just dont eat JUNK FOOD neither of them are healthy NOT even a salad ! Just eat broccoli and bananas.!.
    3: I dont need more reasons for a food then : TASTE AND HYGIENE !!

  • Its all about the history of the burger

    Mc D is like the best burger there is and so many people have been trying to roast it about how it has fake meat if you want real meat go kill a cow and get real meat but please don't be a hater Mc D IS DIFFERENT AND GOOD.

  • Horse-meat in bks burgers

    I read about that burger king uses HORSE-MEAT in their burgers!!! That made me HATE and i mean HATE! McDonalds food is good for upset tummies, because it adds a lot of grease to your upset stomach and i mean a lot of grease.Plus BKs fry burger is a rip-off of their whopper jr

  • Burger king #sho

    Burger king has bigger burgers and they are much tastier but they are a bit more expensive. Burger king's service is much much better than mc donalds. Burger king has more selections such as the angry categorie, angus, happy meal, wraps , chicken etc so im on team burger king but mcdonalds is nice too but just slightly cheaper

  • I have worked at both.

    At BK, I cut the lettuce fresh from ice cold heads. I cut the tomatoes and onions freshed as well. We even cut the jalapenos fresh for the angry whopper. When i Worked at mcdonalds, everything came in bags. The mcdonalds grill is discusting and covered with teflon sheets that drip liquid carbon. At BK its literally Flame Grilled. I hate my job and nobody made me type this. I just had to give an inside track.

  • The service and food size Tho

    When I go to BK® I know that I am getting my moneys worth. If you like that pink slime crap McDonalds has go for it. Also if I goto BK® I can ask them to make the burger like they show it on the commercials AND THEY DO IT. Mcdonalds wont do that for you tho they just make it the same size as they usually do. I am also angry With McDonalds kids menu now because the size of the new fries they give the little kids is outrageous, my little 3 yr old brother can eat the whole thing of kids menu fries in one bite no joke i buy him a medium to share with me so he can actually eat some fries. Plus their fries are disgusting and soggy from all the grease the fry them in.

  • No they arent

    McDonalds burgers have shrunken but their prices remain the same. In burger king they actualy grill the meat which lets some of the fat from escaping thus being healthier. Burger king also have more of a variety. McDonalds may have a couple good ones but all the burgers at Burger King are better. Buger King is also a lot cleaner.

  • They BOTH suck

    Both are them are drivel sh-- garbage. Both of them. If they were go out of business I'd have a sigh of relief. They both suck b**ls. Both of them. Time for both of them to go out of business already. They're making us dumb as Hell. Both of them.

  • Keep your "pinky" high at MCY D's

    Did you know that it says, on the Mcdonalds website, that all of their meat is frozen? And that their cows are GRAIN fed! And grass fed beef tends to be leaner and less fatty then grain fed beef. Mcdonalds burger meat has 9 grams of total fat, and 1 gram of that is trans fat. The FDA is having a further reduction of trans fat that could save the world from over 5,000 deaths, and 20,000 heart attacks. On NBCnews.Com it says that Mcdonalds FINALLY took away their ammonia based 'pink slime'

  • Flame Broiled Rules

    Burger Kings burgers are far superior to those at Mcdonalds. Burger King flame broiled its beef, so it has a true barbecue taste. Mcdonalds clearly has the superior breakfast options, but the whopper and its related burgers are far superior to any burger offering mcDonalds brings to the table in the fast food game.

  • Better Taste and Quality

    Burger King grills their burgers and you can tell. McDonald's, I think, microwaves them,; at least that how it tastes. Burger King burgers are juicy and have substance. McDonald's burger scare me.

    Also helps that I can get onion rings and not just fries with my burgers.

    Yes, McDonald's has more items on their menu, but I want quality not quantity!!

  • The burgers from Burger King are much bigger!

    If you buy a burger for 1 euro in McDonald's u will get a very small burger, but if you buy one for 1 euro in the Burger King, you will get a better tasting and a bigger burger! But the smoothies from McDonald's are better. So you can actually buy the smoothie from McDonald's and drink it with a burger from Burger King. The title from Burger King says it all; Burger King is the king of burgers.

  • Not a chance

    Must we really compare the two? McDonalds is basically for kids as it's always been.Burger King on the other hand just has more flavor in their burgers and onion rings. Of course more kids would vote for MCD's because it's what they were brought up on because parents find it cheaper. BK is more for adults.

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