• Artificial Neural Networks

    All we need it's to make an AI capable of infinitely expanding its intelligence and to be able to teach it what words mean and how they sound and how they look and what colors are etc. After that we would need, But I mean thats just complicated coding so idk

  • Counter-argument :) .

    'Machines are not capable of thinking' , states that it may be possible in the future, and that machines have to become more advanced, and since as a species humans are continuing to evolve technology and machines, they will inevitably be more advanced.

    'No, they are programmed.' Saying that a machine is programed, which stops it from thinking is false. Every living thing that thinks is based on mixtures of environment changes, genetics and chemical reactions. This is just extremely advanced programming of the universe and chemicals. To say machines cannot think, is to say that we cannot think.

    'Not right now' again machines that cannot think right now, does not mean that machines are not capable of thinking, the very debate implies in the future.

    'Not the way we view the word' Again saying that machines cannot think now, does not mean they are not capable of it.

    Also google ai's making games, and drawing cats without any prior knowledge. Apparantly they have imagination, so that's close enough for me.

  • No, they do what they are told to do.

    No, machines are not capable of thinking, because machines only do what they are programmed to do. A machine can only follow an input and an output. The computer can only determine what x plus y equals, or what the value of x is when it equals another equation. A computer cannot truly make a judgment call.

  • Machines are not capable of thinking.

    Machines are not capable of thinking. Although it may be possible in the future for machines to have artificial intelligence comparable to real living beings, right now no machine is capable of this. Computers will have to become a lot more advanced before we have what can really be called thinking machines.

  • No, they are programmed.

    No, machines are not capable of thinking, because they are only capable of doing what they are programmed to do. A machine can select based on criteria, or it can select randomly. But a computer cannot make a value judgment. It can only do what it is told to do by the programmer.

  • Not Right Now

    Machines are not yet capable of thinking. That day will come when a computer's main processor can perform the hundreds of billions of operations per second just like a human brain. When that happens, watch out. Machines are not quite there yet, but give it 20 years and artificial intelligence will be the norm rather than the exception.

  • Not the way we view the word

    Many machines "think" as in they interpret their tasks and how to do them, but the word to humans largely refers to individual thought. We're not at that point yet and it's probably for the best if we refrain from getting there, because we like to run what we own into the ground and it may not end up being appreciative of that.

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