• Mac is Superior

    A Mac is superior because they have better virus protection, are faster, and don't crash. They may be more expensive, around $500 dollars more than PC, but they are more simple to set up and use. For a casual gamer, a Mac is far better to play on owing to it being faster. Macs generally have a better loading time, and don't get the Blue Screen Of Death. Mac OS X is better than Windows. If you want a Windows program, macs can do that. Mac can run both OS X and Windows, therefore, you get get just about any program on a Mac, whereas PC can't get Apple Apps.

  • It's more secure and faster

    First, security. 98% of the world's viruses are made for Windows. The other 2% are for OS X and Linux distros. Chances are very slim that you'll ever get a virus on a Mac. While you may not need antivirus, you'll need internet security.

    Windows systems typically use up so much more resources than a Mac does. I have OS X and Windows 8 (Boot Camp) on my MacBook Pro. On average, OS X only uses around 6GB RAM, while Windows uses up over 7GB of RAM with the same number of apps open.

    Macs also make use of Intel TurboBoost better. Windows spreads tasks over all 4 cores of my Mac, thus preventing the use of TurboBoost. OS X fills up each core, so that empty cores can be shut down temporarily and used to speed up the processor.

    When it comes to productivity apps, Microsoft's offerings downright suck. Take Windows Movie Maker for instance. It's so clunky and brain-dead to use. OS X's iMovie and GarageBand are so easy to use right out of the box. They both have got an intuitive UI thrown in and that makes the overall user experience better.

    When it comes to office suites, Apple's iWork have got a much better value for money than Microsoft's Office. For Office, you can only use a license for one computer. For iWork, you just need to buy it from the Mac App Store, and you can install it on every Mac that you own. You just need one license for multiple Macs. The complete iWork suite is only USD60.

    With iCloud, everything syncs between all your Apple devices. Contacts, calendars, notes, reminders and iWork documents sync across all your Apple devices (between Mac and iDevices). You could stop halfway working on a Keynote presentation on your Mac and continue where you left off on your iPad. And when you get home, the changes made on the iPad will be synced back to the Mac.

    IWork for iCloud is powerful and easy to use. All you need is just a web browser and you can directly open iWork (and even Microsoft Office) files through iWork for iCloud in a web browser. It even works in Windows. Far better than Microsoft Office WebApps.

    Macs may be more expensive at first. But for Windows PCs, you'll have to send it in for repairs frequently. In the end, when repairs are added to the original cost of the Windows PC, it becomes more expensive than a Mac.

    OS X has also got a very nice built-in disk utility that's easy to figure out and use.

    You can also run Windows apps on Mac via a virtualization software like VMware or Parallels.

    Macs also have superior hardware. Their Intel CPUs custom-made to be more durable and handle heavier workload. Sorry Windows users, but y'all will have to make do with standard off-the-shelf parts that aren't as durable as the custom-built components for Apple's Macs.

  • Macs are way better than Windows You pay less you get less; you pay more, you get more.

    Why? Simple. You don't have junk installed on you computer. You can run productivity applications much smoother. Macs have better free applications than you Windows computer would ever have. Macs are NOT expensive on the long run; Windows computers you have to replace it every year or so, yet Macs you don't have to replace so often. Gesture controls make switching through applications much easier and more efficient. Along with that, the dock is WAY better than the start menu and the desktop. Even the keyboard is better and typing multiple languages and using accents is much much easier than on a Windows where you have to use alt+ some random number combo. On a mac, simply use alt+i, u, `, n, etc. To do accents in barely any time. The bar at the top of a Mac is much more advanced and you can easily check for software updates. Mac can also dual boot Linux or Windows at the same time, and make them run at native speed while simultaneously running Mac OS, so the money factor is no longer for you Windows fanboys concern.
    What happens when your computer has a problem? Windows: um..., help? Mac: Console, Disk Utility, and Activity Monitor.

    Clearly you Windows fanboys have NEVER used a Mac.

  • Hardware life span.

    I like mac because of all of the computers I have owned in my life, the macs have lasted the longest. Now I have a brand new one with an amazing display, 16gb of ram (useful as a java programmer), an Nvidia 650 graphics card and a magsafe 2.0 charger. The graphics card is my "gaming" pc is only Nvidia 640, the charger constantly breaks (never buy asus!) and it has 6 gb of ram, which is fine. Macs up until my current one were nice because they had a great life span. Now, my mac is beating my other computers in power as well.

    Bootcamp is running my games, apple and libre office are running my serious work. It's best to own multiple operating systems but hardware is up to each individual.

    I wont even bother with the virus debate. I'm yet to get a single virus. People who have macs and get viruses don't get viruses- they get trojans. It's not the computer's fault if you agree to install a virus.

  • Mac are awesome

    macs have antivirus and they are the best gaming computers, macbooks are awesome and light best office work.An Imac is the best desktop . I f you are a game designer or editor then mac is what you need.It is big and entertainment is easy. it is an advantage that all softwares are owned by the parent company so they are safe and compatible.

  • Mac is Better

    Aside from the operating system, Mac hardware is usually good quality. Apple's doesn't generally bend and creak like the plastic ones on many laptops. Their keyboards are very good quality. You can buy a Mac and know you'll be happy with the quality of the display, whereas PC laptops are a huge grab bag ranging from horrible rubbish to spectacular.

  • It depends on what you use your computer for...

    There are several ups and downs to both computers, so I am going to explain them.
    Macs: Macs are great computers. They are professional, nice looking, and easy to transport. If you use your computer for work, this is the computer for you. People don't usually take the time to make viruses for Macs, due to their air-tight syntax and great anti-virus software. They have a battery span of up to 10 hours of use, which is a lot for such a small computer. Macs are also a great option for people who are into music and graphic design, due to the high resolution and high quality apps (such as Garage Band). Whoever said Macs are slow has obviously never owned one of the more recent models of Apple laptops. They have a very low tendency to crash, and are certainly not slow. However, there are some downsides to Mac laptops as well. Even though this is improving, there are not very many games available for Apple software. The games that are accessible on this laptop are often not created by the original brand. Only the more popular games work well on Macs.
    PC: Since "PC" is actually a term that means personal computer, we are going to assume that whoever created this topic was referring to a computer or laptop that runs Windows. If you are into gaming, this is definitely the kind of computer you want. PCs often have great video cards and are built for playing games. There are some very high resolution PCs that have been released. However, there are a vast multitude of viruses that have been created for PCs, and unless you have a great anti-virus program installed, it can be difficult to avoid them. PCs also crash quite a bit more often than macs do, and have a little extra bulk to them. If you are into creating music (there are not many good applications for this), games, or require a computer for business, I would recommend a Mac.

  • Macs are the best.

    Although macs are much more expensive than PCs, but it's worth it! Macs have much more options to choose unlike windows. Macs are fast, sensitive, and very easy to use. The ideas of a mac are always independent, original. The quality of macs are really high. Honestly, I just think windows copied mac.

  • Macs great thang

    Mac is Better Aside from the operating system, Mac hardware is usually good quality. Apple's doesn't generally bend and creak like the plastic ones on many laptops. Their keyboards are very good quality. You can buy a Mac and know you'll be happy with the quality of the display, whereas PC laptops are a huge grab bag ranging from horrible rubbish to spectacular.

  • Mac is Better

    Aside from the operating system, Mac hardware is usually good quality. Apple's doesn't generally bend and creak like the plastic ones on many laptops. Their keyboards are very good quality. You can buy a Mac and know you'll be happy with the quality of the display, whereas PC laptops are a huge grab bag ranging from horrible rubbish to spectacular.

  • No

    Mac advantages: A bit more secure, good customer support, extremely easy to use.
    Windows advantages: Open platform where Microsoft does not control all the software you install like Apple does, more compatibility, cheaper, wide range of hardware.

    Security is not a problem if you are not an idiot and have a good antivirus.

    Windows is actually faster than Mac if running on the same hardware.

    Blue screen of death only occurs if you are an extreme idiot who does not know how to use a computer.

    If you are an idiot and cannot use a computer properly, get a Mac. Otherwise, Windows is the better choice.

  • no

    Macs aren't better because with a PC if something goes wrong you can take it apart get into the inner workings of the computer and fix what ever the problem is. With a Mac if something goes wrong you have to take it to an Apple store to have it fixed, and you have to pay all the money to have it looked at and then fixed and usually its a tiny little problem and you just spent $200-$300 to get it fixed. With a PC you only have to pay for them component that has the issue. Granted I don't recommend trying to fix a computer if you don't know what your doing because you could end up making the problem worse.

  • Jeezus no!

    A Mactop or whatever they call them these days would cost me 6 times more than my acer. My acer is more powerful, more durable, prettier, has a full keyboard, has USB, Bluetooth and Flash, and it's not bogged down by the worst OS ever.

    Honestly, Darwin being based on FreeBSD? The OS that Linux passed 20 years ago? That's not even the beginning! It also has possibly the worst GUI currently available for laptops and desktops (coming from the person who takes all kind of crap from terrible Linux GUIs). Not to mention, a Mac is supposed be faster, but the only thing it's faster at is crashing! My 12-year-old Presario never gave me the blue screen, but my sisters MacBook Pro shuts off whenever it feels like it without even giving an explanation! Apple should just give up, because none of their products are worth giving a crap over.

    Also, Mac is not more secure. They can still get trojans, which are the main form of attack anyway. Macs don't have antivirus either. :3

  • Macs suck ass

    Pcs run better then pcs and theyu are cheaper and they look fine and virus shit and 33 words is too much i hate this why do i have to do thiss debate this keybooard sucks i hate it i wanna go home right now psniper sniper boom ahh screeam

  • Macs great thang

    Mac is Better Aside from the operating system, Mac hardware is usually good quality. Apple's doesn't generally bend and creak like the plastic ones on many laptops. Their keyboards are very good quality. You can buy a Mac and know you'll be happy with the quality of the display, whereas PC laptops are a huge grab bag ranging from horrible rubbish to spectacular.

  • PCs are much better

    First they cost less. Second they allow you to customize your computer much better. Third a PC can turn in to a tablet an it would still cost less. Also PCs are better because they are good gaming computers. Since Microsoft made PC it made all the other microsoft offices so you can get your job done

  • PC's cost less, and can do more

    Microsoft dominates the worlds operating system market because their operating system is compatible with hardware created by a wide range of computer companies (dell, IBM hp, sony, etc.)
    statistics show that windows have about 91% of the market share while apple has only five percent. The remaining 4% is other operating systems like linux.
    PC’s are 40% cheaper than macs and can be built for a cheaper cost
    most games are made for PC’s
    PC’s have touchscreen tablets available, while macs do not
    Apple doesn’t sell parts for macs, therefore you can’t repair your mac at home. Apple only allows authorized Apple support center people to repair or fix anything.
    You can do more on the PC then on a mac. This is why macs are easier to use
    In 2014 about 90% of computers sold for buisness were PC’s, while less than 6% of them were macs
    Mac’s restrict the things you can do
    All new windows 8 computers come with an antivirus program. If you don’t go to websites that are illegal, try to download things for free, and do things that the average person does, then there is a very high chance that you won’t get a virus on your computer
    The blue screen of death that has been seen on old PC’s, only happens if you don’t know much about a computer and don’t know about virus’s that can cause this. The new windows 8 computers hardly ever/never show the blue screen of death.

    The cons of PC's
    Apple has more retail stores available
    Apple computers are easier to operate
    The program and physical computer looks better, they attract users because of this

  • For basic uses Mac wins for everything else you need a PC

    Its simple Apples version of Microsoft office is a bit better and it is a bit more secure and the screen shot system it has is more evolved and useful. However everything else is in PC's favor software developers develop primarily for windows and then port to Macs and as any long time gamer will tell you its better to use software on the platform it was original designed for as it is optimized better is more stable you often get updates earlier and key mapping choices have more thought put in to them on the original platform (there are differences in a Mac and PC keyboard). Alongside that demanding software (where the difference in power really matters cause things like word and photoshop run just as well on my six year old laptop as the two year old Mac that I use at work) like Maya or Unreal 4 are way beyond what standard Macs or PC's can do, so you need a 3rd party developer like alienware (who don't make Macs) custom build or upgrade. Upgrading and custom building is easier done on PC's simply because they are more open. This feeds into the fact the PC are easier and cheaper to repair for the same reason games also very rarely get ported to Mac.

  • Customizable Computer Parts

    On a PC your able to create your computer with all the parts you want them to have, such as the graphics cards, and all of that other stuff could make the PC's run faster than the Mac's, not to mention PC's can download more games than Mac's can in the first place.

  • No Screen of Death is Wrong.

    The screen of death? Really??? You only get that every once in a while and because everything is cloud based now, it doesn't matter. The guy even said it. Operator errors cause the blue screen of death. And if you still don't believe me, may I mention, for you old Mac fans, sad mac?

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