• Macs are always better :)

    I guarantee, it will always produce a better and more professional looking video. Microsoft just can't do creative stuff right. Plus, apple is just easier to understand. All the different features can be figured out easily and quickly, and will produce a better end product. Trust Apple, it's more reliable and a whole lot easier :)

  • More Stability and Better Overall Performance

    I think Macs are definitely better than PCs for video editing. On an everyday-user level, iMovie is much more powerful than Windows Movie Maker or Windows Live Movie Maker. IMovie comes with many more effects, greater speed, more features and a more user-friendly interface. It can seamlessly sync with iCould or any other apple products, but can also export to a file or directly to YouTube. On a professional level, the Apple pro Apps are just as or more powerful than some of the competitors apps for PC. For example, Final Cut Pro is much cheaper than some of the PC apps ($200 and doesn't require a monthly subscription). With faster editing, color coded tracks, motion graphics, multi-cam editing, and a file-based workflow, Final Cut Pro is a powerhouse. Pair that with Apple's Motion 5 and Compressor 4, and you have a great software bundle, with all the apps designed for each other. Keep in mind that like a PC, these apps require more powerful computers to run, so your not going to get good Final Cut Pro performance from an 11 inch MacBook Air, just as you won't get good Adobe After Effects performance from a netbook PC with 2 gigabytes of ram and Intel 3000 integrated graphics. With all the extra helpful features of the mac, like the chiclet-style keyboard, a real multi-touch glass trackpad (which 98% of notebook PCs have yet to master), a UNIX-based OS that constantly improves as it's hardware does, a virtually virus-free environment, and CPU overclocking and sometimes even automatic graphics switching, even though a mac may have an large price tag, it's basically unbeatable when it comes to video editing.

  • Reliable, Faster, Apple

    I think so , i believe that mac book are faster and more reliable for working on videos, the functions within Imovie are easy to use and actually fun to work with plus imovie offers some great sample templates, But i would like other opinions of those who actually used both.

  • Depends on what you want, but generally a PC is better.

    If you're just making a quick funny video to show your friends, use a mac because it's a lot more simple and easy, but if you're making something serious, you're going to want to sue a PC because of the customization and freedom you have over a mac. I voted no because PCs are usually going to run better than macs.

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