• It fixed my drive.

    When I thought my old 1 terabyte Toshiba external hard disk is dead, I found hope. My dad gave me his old MacBook Pro and I was able to customize it to my liking. Then I connected it to my new MacBook and opened Disk Utility. It was listed. All I needed to do was format the drive and now I have new memories.

    If only Steve Jobs were still alive.

  • Apple's mac line are way better

    I have a mac and a pc, and the mac is way better. It works with the iPhone, iPad, and apple tv seamlessly. They are built out of premium feeling aluminum, instead of cheap, had plastic. They boot up in seconds, while windows boots up in minutes. They look better. OS X is easier to use. And if you must use windows, all you have to do is install it on mac, and you can use both, so everybody who says macs do less are wrong because if you can run both operating systems, then you can actually do more. Also Macs last way longer. I have three macs, and one of them is a 8 year old macbook pro that has not had any problems whatsoever, and is still as fast as when it was new.

  • What can a Mac do that a PC can't do better?

    GabeN, steam, smooth 60+ fps, high res textures, 1080p, smooth gameplay, multi monitor, mouse accuracy, mods, steam sales, rpg games and rts games are better on pc, right clicking , steam sales, more functions, cheaper, something breaks you don't have to buy a whole new computer, and most of all: MACS ARE SO DAMN OVERPRICED.

  • PCs are better than Macs.

    The limited amount of software available for Macs alone is a good reason not to get one. They are over priced and most people only buy them because it is trendy. It may be true that Macs are better for certain applications, and so there should be a market for them. But for general use and business use, the PC is a far better option.

    Posted by: Keln
  • Macs are not superior to PCs.

    Macs are not superior to PCs. Macs and PCs have relatively equal quality of technology, but the main difference between Macs and PCs is that Macs are only compatible with certain software, whereas PCs offer universal compatibility between all manufactures of PCs. Since the only difference is the level of compatibility between Macs and PCs, Macs are not superior to PCs.

  • Macs are not superior to PCs

    Macs are not superior to PCs. It is only the hardware that can limit the performance of a mac or a pc, and neither can claim superior hardware because the next month the roles change. What is typically the true nature of this argument is the software, and software is not what is asked in the question. Linux machines are more powerful than macs or PC's. Linux is what runs the internet.

  • No, I don't think Macs are superior to PCs

    I think two very different consumer bases purchase Macs and PC's, I think those who wish to have security and a more simple solution pay a little more and get a MAC and I think those who want performance and utility get a PC, I perfer a PC overall since I think you get more bang for your buck out of them compared to a Mac.

  • Macs are lesser than Pcs

    Macs are very hyped up pieces of machinery.I currently own both a Mac and a Pc.My Mac was over priced and does not do anything more or faster than my Pc does.Macs don't have Word, have horrible document presentation and are terrible at saving any files.In my opinion Macs are useless compared to Pcs.I cannot do very many things on the Mac and it cost far too much money.

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