Are magic 8 balls more reliable than tarot cards?

Asked by: Baldwin
  • Why of course it is!

    I mean, How would you interpret a bunch of pretty-looking cards, Huh? Bullshit, Right, 8-ball? *Shak-ka-shak-ka* "Concentrate and ask again". Uh. . . Just a sec, *SHAKASHAKASHAKASHAKA* "Reply hazy, Try again. " Godammit, Just give me a minute, Okay? *INTENSE SHAKING*. . . "Cannot predict now". Erm. . . Well. . . Shit. I'm pretty sure it'd say yes, Though. I'd just need to. . . Wait a bit, Yes.

  • The logic is irrefutable

    According to my scientific analysis, magic 8 balls can statistically answer any 'yes or no' question with a certain degree of accuracy. Whereas tarot cards often portray a vague message that could potentially be interpreted in infinite ways. Seriously, does anyone actually believe that tarot card readings are even the slightest bit reliable?
    Outlook not so good.

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