Are mainstream media outlets biased or is real independent journalism dead?

  • It died with the Iraq War.

    The biggest story in the mid 2000's after it became clear there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq was, who was responsible for lying us into Iraq, and why haven't they been removed from government?

    And that story never happened. Established media is just US Federal government propaganda and it should be clear to anybody by now, and it is clear to a lot of people.

    So yes, it's dead - dead to anybody with 2 braincells to rub together.

  • Mainstream media outlets are biased.

    Mainstream media is no longer fulfilling its mandates of providing the society with insightful and honest stories. Too many articles covered in the mainstream are biased and untruthful, Further mainstream media was known for covering articles that are impartial, objective and with emphasis of professionalism. Nowadays the mainstream with proprietors drawing claws of the media outlet eulogize monetary gains over the needs of the audience. There is no doubt that advertisers and consumers are the ones aiding the media outlet with financial boost.

  • Yes media outlets are now biased.

    As much of media gets its funding from supporting the current state of mind of many people, they will go with whatever side of the political system that is currently ahead in the polls, hoping to bring in the bigger bucks and ratings. This has generally made them biased towards one side, and no longer cast news from all sides and view points.

  • We interrupt this important news bulletin to bring you a word from our sponsors.

    Advertising dollars corrupt our media outlets. As the market grows more competitive, the ad space becomes more profitable. As profits rise, media companies take fewer risks. I'm not a scholar or claim to be an expert on the subject, but the following are what I see as the roots of all bias in today's media outlets:

    1. They ignore important issues because the issue may be considered too boring and damage ratings, doesn't fit in to the outlet's political or social agenda, the amount of time to fully cover the issue is too great, or the issue is deemed too sensitive.
    2. Only issues the media outlet thinks will boost ratings, favor their sponsors, or attract new sponsors are considered for broadcast.
    3. Every aspect of the broadcast is sponsored, blurring the lines between what is news and what is advertising.
    4. The scope of coverage of any one issue is determined by how many commercials the program needs to air.
    5. The opinion broadcast of the network's programming informs the news instead of the other way around.

    It's late, and I'm tired and not sure why I'm posting this. The point I'm trying to make is that bias occurs when the program's mission is compromised by its funding, which is to say, in my opinion, any news organization that interrupts an important news broadcast to sell you cereal and luxury cars. After all of that, however, I have to add that truly independent, unbiased news is a tough job even in ideal circumstances. I think it's safe to assume that all news, especially prime time network mainstream media news, is biased. I think it's up to the viewer or reader to account for what is real by using multiple news sources and most importantly, your reason.

    This subject interests me, and I'd love to hear what anyone else has to say about it.

  • Mainstream media is biased, but independent journalism isn't dead.

    There are the mainstream media of liberal networks and GOP bias, which support the kabuki opera of pitting viewers for or against the dem or rep party, but bigger role is to shape minds to permit ever enlarging government and subversion of American's civil liberties. The real journalists are blowing the whistle on this sham in social media and independent sites, and a great journalist will be known by its investigative reporting as always. Even those viewers of MSM know those networks aren't about being real. But the viewers are addicted to the kabuki.

    Posted by: Suze
  • Mainstream media is biased because of biased Journalism schools.

    First my credentials. I worked in the television news industry for almost 40 years. When I first started (1971) we worked very hard to report the news in as much of an unbiased way that we could. By the end of my career everything was biased that we did. I am very proud of my career. I was part of a news team that produced a weekly news magazine that was once recognized by Columbia University as the best locally produced news magazine in the United States. I have two Peabody nominations. I have received 13 local Emmy awards for both photography and investigative reporting. Unfortunately our news coverage became more and more biased very year. News Directors that I worked under went from demanding impartiality to refusing to do stories that didn't fit what they personally believed. Every reporter that I have worked with for the last several years has come out of a journalism school that was controlled by mainly liberal professors who would go so far as punish students (low grades for example) if they did not think the way they did. Schools of journalism have become schools of activism. Media has simply been an extension of mostly liberal non thinkers who are simply doing what they were forced into at their universities.

  • The media is bought and paid for by politicians.

    Media is nothing more than a form of entertainment, in today's society. Fair and honest journalism is long dead. Each network has their favorite political candidates and panders to their causes. Some choose to support our troops and the war, while others turn away, as if it does not exist. Coverage is given to some celebrity who got caught with drugs for the 10th time, while coverage of 20 troops dying in a roadside attack may go unreported.

    Posted by: ClosedUlysses75
  • I agree that mainstream media outlets are biased.

    A study done of the 200 largest news papers in the country, found that 125 of them actually contributed money to democrat campaigns, while only 15 of them contributed to republican campaigns. This study was done by a heavily democratic biased news outlet called MSNBC. Other news outlets such as CNN and CBS are very left as well, left being democrat biased. In steps the sole republican favoring news outlet, Fox News. According to charts on how favorably these outlets talked about candidates from liberal or conservative sides, only Fox News was to the right of the middle, the rest were very far to the left, much further than Fox is to the right. Liberal media bias is statistically very true, even admitted by the most liberally biased mainstream news outlet.

    Posted by: RavidbardeI
  • Mainstream media is very biased on both sides of the political spectrum, depending on which station you watch.

    New media has become more of an entertainment industry, rather than a new station. They report stories that make good headlines and generate the most money. While this was always the case, they now seem to not even report accurate or truthful news, but only whatever they want to. The idea that true journalism may be dead would be true, if it were not for the Internet. If you know the right places to look, you can find fair and unbiased news reports at several online sites.

    Posted by: Slo0n3
  • Journalism is biased.

    Our personal biases influene our every action. From birth we are indoctrinated into some sort of cultural bias, we learn from people who have specific preferences for sports teams or political stripes. We develop our own personal preferences or biases as we lead our lives because of the experieinces that we have had. We have had friends and acquaintances we have admired for particular qualities they embody, we see these qualities in others and we are attraced to those people, perfectly natural. We have negative experiences and those experieinces influence the way we see the worl. We make choices based on these experieinces and we learn from mistakes and we develop as human beings. Human beings have biases. Of course, journalism is biased.

  • Many news sources are biased, but overall mainstream media still provides a relatively objective view.

    While certain news outlets provide a biased perspective on nearly everything, many mainstream news outlets still strive to provide excellent and unbiased journalism and generally succeed. The New York Times, Los Angles Times, Reuters and the Associated Press generally produce even-handed articles that are not written in service of a particular agenda.

    Posted by: BrokenMarvin34

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