Are males and females equal in Turkish education?

  • Pretty much so

    In recent times, like many nations, equal education for both men and women has begun. There are equal opportunities for both men and for women in Turkish education. The number of Turkish men going to school is pretty close to the number of Turkish women who are going to school.

  • Number of male and female students are close to each other.

    After Republic of Turkey has been founded in 1923, lots of arrangements has been done in education system in Turkey. Since then, education system has been improved and now there's coeducation in Turkey. Female students are also have same rights as well as male students. There are many dorms for male and female students. Also, in an ordinary classroom in Turkey, number of male and female students are almost equal or close to each other. Furthermore, if we look into occupational groups that require education, we'll probably see that the percentage of males are close to males, or percentages are similar.

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