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  • No, just as

    Women are not better than men, men are in no way better than women. To state otherwise is to state a massive generalisation. There is no link between intelligence and gender. Additionally since the skills and abilities of people inside a gender varies so drastically, it can't be said that one gender is better than the other.

  • Generalizations like that are terrible.

    There's no way we can say that all males are better than all females, or vice-versa. Are you better than Venus or Serena Williams at tennis? Didn't think so. How about Elle Degeneres at hosting a talk show? Still no? Okay. So then how about Margaret Thatcher at leading an entire nation? See? It's all about your individual abilities and skills. Some people are better than others.

  • No they are not.

    Males are not better than females. I do not think one gender can be better than another gender, it is not fair to compare the two because they are very different and usually excel in seperate areas. Females and Males a like both have good qualities and bad qualities, they shouldn't be compared.

  • Males No Better than Females

    Obviously, women aren't better than men, and the reverse is true, too. The genders are equal, although individuals can excel above others. Too many people say that one gender has to be better than the other, and that just isn't the case. Gender quality is a hot topic in the U.S.

  • No, we all have our gifts.

    No, males are not better than females, because no one gender is inherently better than another. Better is also a relative term. What makes a person better? Being taller? Or smarter? Or more compassionate? By these measures, there are some men that are better than women, and some women that are better than men. Neither can be distinguished strictly based on their gender.

  • No, males are not better then females.

    Males are not better or superior then females. Throughout history we have fought for equal rights for males and females and we need to stop drawing the conclusion that males are superior. We all should be on an equal level and no one should be considered better then the other.

  • Males and Females are Generally Different But Equal

    I think, in general, men and women are different and generally excel at different tasks. We have different strengths and weaknesses. There are biological differences in the sexes, meaning we are physiologically different. That doesn't mean that they are not equal, however. Men and women are equal in value and opportunity. While they may be viewed differently and less equal by society or different individuals, that does not change the truth that they are equal in value.

  • Is this the 1700s?

    I can't believe this is even something that still needs to be argued. No gender is superior to another, we are all individuals with different abilities and weaknesses, both male and female. These particular abilities and weaknesses are not gender exclusive either, other than genders having a different physical build no one is superior to another.

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