• Yes, ignore these other guys ><

    Mama's boys refer to men who are reliant on their mothers to protect them and run their lives. Male or female needs to learn to rely on someone else to protect them when then should be capable of protecting themselves is a wimp.

    People would say there are plenty of exceptions, but all fall towards someone being unable to protect or rely on them self in a circumstance.

    You are a wimp if you can't rely on yourself when you are fully capable.

  • I'm going to guess that the people voting "No" are either the mama's boys or their mothers.

    A mama's boy is not someone who simply loves and respects his mother. He is someone who's mother has the final say in his life. If she doesn't like woman - no matter the reason - then he won't see the woman. Everything is according to what his mommy wants. It's pathetic.

  • It's a misconception.

    General Douglas MacArthur was a Mama's boy. That's a well-known fact. His mother even followed him, when he went to West Point & lived in the Boarding House across the street! But Douglas MacArthur is also known as one of the 50 most decorated soldiers in U.S. history. By points & rank, he is placed as number one. That's NOT wimpy!

    From the relationship standpoint, some men are often categorized as a "Mama's Boy" because they simply love & respect their mother. Think about that, for a moment. Because it really isn't unusual to love & respect your parents. That doesn't mean his mother controls his life. These men actually are well-grounded. They make good husbands & fathers. If a guy is letting his mother call the shots, then he IS a "Mama's Boy". Who wants to raise a grown man?



  • Not all the time

    Some are but others just love their moms. One of my boys from one direction are considered mama boys and they're strong and talented and beatiful and great and fantastic and handsome. So no not all mamas boys are whimps if they can fight their own fights and so on

  • I think people are confusing being close with your Mom and wimps.

    The two have nothing to do with each other. Yes, some wimps stay close to their Mom but really they stay close to anyone who will give them a sense of security. Pathetic. But a man who is just close with his Mom is just that. Thankfully their are good Moms out there who are respected and respect their sons!!!!

  • I take issue with that

    Yes boys who stay in their apartments, feminist men who will kiss a--, those guys who attack when a guy defends themselves from a girl's attack, and all of sudden -- those types are manginas for sure. But those who are a bit dependent, perhaps, on their mama are not wimps at all. They just a really close. Maybe they're the type to worship goddesses, like the Greek goddesses, but to apply mangina to these guys that's kinda unreal.

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Geogeer says2014-07-07T21:58:34.793
I suppose it depends on the definition of mama's boy.
SweetTea says2014-07-07T22:09:58.683
I might add ... ANY female who can't think for herself without constantly running to Mama & Daddy has maturity issues, too.
Adam2 says2014-07-07T23:15:41.213
You are one tough girl. Lol
Is it wrong that I want a housewife for a wife? Someone who isn't interested in career but loves taking care of her children?