• Mammals are better!

    Mammals like dogs, Cats and other are very easy to take care of I would recommend beginners for dogs and cats but people who are more experienced with animals I would expect them to go for reptiles. If you have a pet reptile most of them need heat lights, Some reptiles ( big cages ), Or build a cage, And feed them every 2-3 days, As you can see I have made my point here.

  • Yes, They are.

    You cannot have sexual intercourse with any type of reptile under any circumstance without it being considered bestiality -- a crime punishable by imprisonment or worse. There are many circumstances under which you can sexual relations with at least one kind of mammal and it would be considered totally fine.

  • Mammals are not better!

    I prefer lizards over gorillas, I prefer snakes over bulls, I prefer turtles over lions, I prefer crocodiles over tigers, I prefer dinosaurs over modern animals! You know reptiles has dinosaurs! My favorite dinosaurs are velociraptors (no feathers)! It's because i prefer reptiles over mammals! I definitely prefer lizards over lions!

  • They are just different.

    They have different character. We can't not choose which one is better. They both are just different nothing is bad. Mammals have abilities that reptiles don't have, And same thing to the reptiles. There are some abilities that both have. There are no way to combine which is better, Like different people in the world.

  • No because i believe in equality

    My "Argument" is that no animal is better then any other animal therefore mammals are not better then reptiles. Anyone saying yes would be spieciest. That's my entire argument and I don't know what else to put. Any ideas mate? Oh i'm done now.

    If you didn't mean it in this way please specify.

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