Are man-made disasters more dangerous than natural disasters?

  • Manmade are absolutely dangerous than Natural disasters.

    Manmade disasters are way more dangerous than natural disasters because natural disasters my include some forestfires, etc but manmade disasters are acid rain, nuclear explosion, gas leak, etc which are very harmful enough to kill millions of people. People are harming our mother earth only because of their hunger of success and their hunger are costing millions of life. People should speak against these works. I believe if one person has courage enough to stand, than sooner other people will follow. At last I like to conclude that we should stop being shelfish of our own success and think about the people because manmade disasters not only cost lots of property but the most valuable thing, life.

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  • Man made disasters are for silly and idiotic reasons

    We have no right to spoil our mother earth i think we should not cause any sort of disaster to the earth . I feel man made disasters for war is more harmful as in JAPAN they exploded a bomb and the soil had lost its fertility and no food was grown this is the biggest example of mans stupidness to throw a hammer on his own leg .If We are spoiling any harming nature indirectly we are harming us. Nature has scientific reasons for disasters and some of them are of man made pollution.

  • Man made disasters are worse as compared to natural disasters.

    The aftereffects of man made disasters are longer lasting than that of natural disasters. A group of American scientists have discovered that if a small scale nuclear war were to occur, the aftermath would be catastrophic, even worse than global warming. Global temperatures will crash, land masses will be rendered infertile, irradiated water will be left undrinkable and of course the loss of millions of human lives.
    After all these, how can you conclude that natural disasters are worse than man made disasters?

  • Man-Made Tends To Be Worse

    When comparing natural disasters and man-made disasters, I believe that man-made disasters are generally more dangerous or harmful. Some recent man-made disasters would include the huge oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, which was harmful to people and wildlife. We also have a few incidents with nuclear power plant disasters which have proved to be catastrophic. Natural disasters can be dangerous, but more often than not, it does not destroy nature entirely.

  • Man made disasters are not more dangerous than natural disasters.

    Man made disasters are not because natural disasters come out of nowhere and no one can stop it now with a man made disaster you can prevent it from happening again. I think that natural disasters cause more damaged then man made disasters. You can't be mad at the tsunami for killing your family but can be mad at the person who caused the syrup spill.

  • Natural disasters are worst than man-made disasters.

    Natural disasters are a million times worse than man-made disasters.For example when there is an earthquake many people loose their lives and they even loose their property and other things that matter a lot to people.And in a war which is a man-made disaster, people loose their lives but all people don't loose their lives, only the ones that fight in the war will loose their lives and even in the war some die and most will be injured.And no property will be lost.

  • No, the state and international response is different in both.

    Not only that natural disasters are larger in magnitude, but when it comes to reaching out to the affected, it becomes a challenge in itself. Communication channels and the major infrastructure wipe out totally. Also since these are mostly unpredictable, they pose a larger threat to cope when they happen.

  • No, man-made disasters are not more dangerous than natural disasters

    I don't think that man-made disasters can begin to compare with the power and tenacity that mother nature can bring through natural disasters. Natural disasters are not planned out, they can happen out of the blue and I think the sheer power that can lie within natural disasters can make the whole world crumble to its feet.

  • No, Nature Can Always Overpower Humanity

    The recent storm in the Philippines, Super Typhoon Haiyan, killed more than 6,000, and more are counted as still missing. It did an estimated $1.67 billion in damage, in an area where infrastructure was limited and relatively inexpensive. Nothing humankind can do matches the destructive power
    of hurricanes, earthquakes, floods and winter storms. We humans are full of ourselves, agog at our power and might, but nothing we do can match the power and majesty of nature. Someday we will accept that, and learn to live with the world instead of trying to dam it up and wall it out.

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