• Liberals use emotion instead of reason

    A lot of the time it seems like Liberals are overly influenced by their emotions. Just about every bleeding heart I have ever met has been a liberal. Liberals don't use reason. They seem to just look at the short term effects of things.
    For example:
    Oh my god, there's been another mass shooting! Lets give up our right to bear arms so that this will never happen again.
    The world trade center exploded! Lets let airport security harass us and steal our toothpaste. Oh and just to make sure it never happens again lets let the government pass the patriot act and monitor our phones and computers.
    Oh my gosh those poor Mexicans! Lets just let them all into our country without any thought of the consequences.

    Every time there is a problem liberals seem to not use reason but emotion. Usually this ends up with them trying to make us give up our rights for perceived safety.

    Many of the things that make liberals emotional aren't even real problems. They are problems invented by the government and spread through the media so that the libs will give up more of their rights. An example of this is gay marriage. For hundreds of years we have not needed gay marriage and now suddenly it is urgent that we have it. The government has made this problem so that they can have the power to change the definition of marriage. The same thing goes for global warming. IT IS FAKE! It was invented so that the government would have an excuse to tax us for our CO2 emissions and try to change the way we live.

  • Emotions Lead to Drama

    I would say so, for the fact that most of the time Liberals seem the most emotional of the Political Parties. If anything does not go "their way", then they have to make a huge fuss about it, when in reality; they should just simply work their way around it.

  • All people are blinded.

    All people are blinded by their emotions. For example, the stock market has simple rules to follow, buy low then sell high. Yet, in every financial crisis most investors panic then sell low and buy high, why? Because our emotions get the better of us in crisis situations. Liberals and conservatives fall prey too their emotions. It's a biological certainty!

  • Yes here's why

    Liberalism especially modern liberalism (as apposed to classical liberalism) is more emotionally driven than ever.
    Instead of facts and reasonable conversation they determine that screaming and yelling is a better way to get a point across.
    For example take modern feminism which if you objectively look at it is based on emotion rather than fact.
    Modern feminism would have you believe that the western world is a patriarchy and that they are always oppressed instead of the truth, Which is in fact we provide the most freedoms for females than any other country ever.
    Or that it is incredibly easy to buy a firearm when never having bought one or even knowing basic firearm terms for example they mix up automatic and semi automatic.
    Automatic firearms (for you who do not have basic firearm knowledge) is you press the trigger once and the gun can continually fire bullets as long as the trigger is held.
    Semi-automatic (for those of you who have no basic firearm knowledge)
    is you once you press the trigger you must continually pull the trigger to fire that means I MUST PRESS THE TRIGGER EACH TIME I WISH TO FIRE I CANNOT HOLD THE TRIGGER TO FIRE A SEMI AUTOMATIC FIREARM I MUST PULL IT EACH TIME.
    Now that we have an understanding of Automatic firearms and Semi-automatic firearms when a politician says it is easy to obtain a automatic firearm I will simply point out that Automatic Firearms, I will repeat that Automatic firearms and once more for deaf people, AUTOMATIC FIREARMS not semi-automatic as there is a big difference. Automatic firearms are all but banned in the united states today and (you must be-ex military and go through several very, Very, Very, Very intensive background checks ) and so despite the bullshit liberal politicians put out there it is not easy and almost all guns used in shootings are not bought legally (and when they are they have passed the background and mental health checks and thus are not mentally ill, Just evil) so there you go.

  • 100 percent YES

    I am a centrist for this very reason. Liberals like to make things about feelings and doing what's "right" even though it may harm the country in the long run. Let me give a few examples. Illegal immigration is a problem no matter how you look at it. What happens in Mexico when you get caught there illegally? You get deported but for some reason liberals believe it is Mexicans God given right to come here. And that is right. AS LONG AS THEY DO IT LEGALLY. If you're country isn't doing too well, Guess what, I could not care less.
    Another reason i believe liberals are terribly emotional is there inability to look deeper into things such as gun violence. A lot of liberals agree with strict gun control and even total gun bans. I've had this debate with liberal friends and they always use places such as Australia to showcase how gun control has worked there. Well let me tell you something, Australia doesn't let just anybody in there, Most gun violence is done by the lower class and do you know what is required to move to Australia? Around 20, 000 dollars liquid cash, A sponsor, Private health insurance, And a job. Do you know what is required to get into the US? You have to show up and seek asylum and we review whether or not you deserve to be here. We don't require shit, And in return we get generations of shit bags that commit crimes.

    Don't get me wrong I am not a Conservative but Lord Almighty liberals need to change or I am going to be. Leaders do not show emotion.

  • You can't have a logical discussion with most liberals

    Liberals get triggered so damn easily even if you didn't intend any harm. Could be a simple joke or just simply disagreeing with them. And once this happens and they are triggered, There is no more logic to be found. They react like children who cannot process their emotions. They will resort to personal attacks, And they will call you a "bigot, " which is incredibly ironic since the literal definition of bigot is "a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions. "

  • 100% emotional liberals 100% logical conservatives

    [Think about the words themselves Liberal and Conservative]
    Liberals-Absolutley emotional and often times irrational and illogical. I feel like most of them do have good intentions, Without the ability to self reflect. Most surround themselves with similar people, Leading to extreme and more progressive views. Vicious cycle of emotions and delusions, The can breed dangerous ideals. Conservatives are logical, Can seem cold but really aren't. They like policy and law, Not personal issues or traits. Alot is cut and dry with conservatives, Definately less outward and forceful with views. Liberals are more likely to protest but also more likely to be paid to do so. Liberals don't see issues as enemy, They see people as enemy. They tend to justify every action of theirs no matter how egregious. Violence is ok because trumps words are violence etc. Conservatives, Tho may differ on issues person to person, Stand strong on them. Liberals seem to have double standards and values differ as a group depending on the need for something to fit agenda. Liberals like to point fingers, And act superior, Never admitting faults themselves. It's almost like the fight is what they care about, Not the substance. It's the common enemy, Not the issue. Instead of understanding and debating issues they have developed a hate that is all consuming causing them to behave like fussy children. Get mad when don't have their way, Nit pick at every nuance they can find fault with, To obsession. Sadly, Some liberals teeter on the brink of sanity. They really are their own worst enemy right now, Scaring away middle of the road people. IF* Conservatives can keep cool and stick to issues, With a sprinkle of 'dems do anything for power, Look. ' Liberals true colors are showing. (You think it's bad now), Wait till republicans have house, Senate, White house, And SC. They will abandon all civility and sanity.

  • Their emotions override their ability to think

    Liberals focus mainly on their feelings and emotions which prevents them from logical sound reasoning. While some conservatives suffer from the same misfortune, Liberals corner the market on this matter.

    It is my strong belief liberals have this powerful need for being liked and to be accepted by other liberals that they blindly follow any and every theory that is anti conservative.

    My last point is that there is a cowardice among liberals in that they have no problem attacking conservatives but cannot find the courage to attack groups that commit violent acts for example, Occupy Wall Street, Black lives matter, Antifa, And other liberal groups that advocate violence. Liberals chop people up into pieces for instance, Black, Hispanic, Gay and all its related subsets, Female, And religious groups. They don’t see people. They only see their minority status.

  • Liberal Emotion cause

    Liberals are the most emotional people by far. That is how the Democratic party gets their voters. Its nothing more than psychological warfare. The Democratic party produces misinformation to exploit soft hearts. Classic move all the way back from 380 BC. Aristotle coined the terms pathos, Ethos, And logos. Pathos is basically dealing with emotional agreements. Getting you so pumped up emotionally that you start seeing something that really isn't there. This is also why a lot of the liberals are so violent during protests. Its incited by pure emotion not logic or ethics.

  • Based on what I've seen most liberals do not wait for facts to make judgements

    Liberals no doubt use their feelings to make judgements. They do what feels good instead of what works. After what they've done doesn't work they make excuses and never take responsibility for their actions. It's always someone elses fault in their world and if they were in charge the world would be a utopia. In summary, They never do grow up to adults

  • Mixing up two different things.

    You're mixing up irrational emotions with having empathy. Instead of just trying to help corporatiobs and the wealthy and casting out anyone trapped in lower socioeconomic levels and calling them lazy and calling that "just good economics" or "just business." liberals try to improve the economy not by creating inequality, but by trying to improve the economy while also improving peopkes lives and opportunities and the community so everyone can contribute to the economy more and also make society better.

  • Liberals are passionate, but not blindly so.

    While we are more aggressive than people would usually think to be, do not mistake passion for pure emotion. We do look at the outcomes of our beliefs and we do think before we speak. Conservatives call our beliefs blind emotion because they'd rather are beliefs be views as "Bleeding hearts" than honest and true issues people should care about. I'd love to debate this topic further, if any would like to challenge!

  • What do you mean by liberal?

    Why are we labelling people as being 'liberal' or 'conservative' anyway? The democrats are conservative on some policies regarding society and regulation while republicans are liberal regarding different social aspects - like freedom. I don't mean to say individual republicans or democrats, but ideas that make up the party are a mix of liberalism and conservatism. The definitions of liberal and conservative are actually truer in regards to UK politics where the Conservatives are more likely to want a bit less freedom of speech for the sake of safety. Other parties wouldn't stand for this, especially a republican party.

    Why are we grouping people into this category of 'liberal'? People have some conservative and some liberal ideas - it's not like they're totally incompatible.

    I think someone needs to define liberal somehow. I just wanted to emphasize that 'liberals' are not all blinded by their emotions, but I'm sure some might be. We can't make sweeping generalisations about groups of people. "Liberals" don't always share the same ideas either - some agree on many issues some disagree on less issues. Some are one way, some are another.

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