Are many New Age Types more judgmental than they let on

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • New Age Types can be very judgmental and have more in common with Christians than they would care to admit

    You know the type. They say they are "spiritual but not religious" and say that "Beliefs determine reality". I was having a conversation with one who always goes on about how Christianity is all about hellfire and damnation and on the subject of death I said that while I accepted the reality of it I didn't see anything at all positive about it and they told me that I would probably have a miserable afterlife because of that belief! How is that any different from Christians preaching about fire and brimstone?

    Incidentally there is also a lot of hand-waving. When I point out instances of reality being unexpected they say it is because of the "collective consciousness" or because of beliefs I am "unaware of". These New-Agey types have a great deal more in common with Christians than they realize.

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