• Resentment Sets In

    Yes, marriages are threatened by economic downturns. When one partner loses his or her job due to an economic downturn, it brings fear and uncertainty into a marriage. If the unemployed partner is unable to find work fairly quickly, the family has to start making lifestyle changes and expenses have to be cut. The one partner who remains employed will eventually start feeling resentment toward his or her mate as they feel the burden of being the only one working. The unemployed partner falls into the trap of staying up late watching television and sleeping late in the morning. The longer the economic downturn lasts, the greater the chance that the marriage will fall apart as resentment builds.

  • Yes, economic downturns pose a serious challenge to marriages

    Many studies have shown that financial woes are one of the primary causes for strife in relationships, and among the main reasons for divorce in the U.S. Additional financial hardships put more strain and stress on a family, which can lead to fighting, negativity and added pressure to find solutions to ease the financial burden.

  • Yes, Marriages are Threatened by Economic Downturns

    Economic downturns put a greater stress on marriages because couples have more to worry about. It's already hard enough to be married and merge your life with another person's, but to add economic hardship to that creates even more stress. It's more likely that one of the partners in the marriage will lose their job, and that will place a great stress on the marriage, especially if it's difficult to find another job. Worrying about a horse mortgage and other financial worries can also add to the pressure.

  • The Strength of A Marriage

    No, marriages are not threatened by economic downturns. An economic downturn should serve as an event that brings a family together to pool their resources and find ways to cut corners and save money. A downturn should strengthen a marriage and bring the two people closer together so they can draw strength from one another. A marriage that falls apart in an economic downturn was probably on the rocks anyway and would not have survived for long. The purpose of a marriage is to support and nurture each other in hard times. A marriage should be strong enough to survive an economic downturn.

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