• Mask wearers are sheep

    Masks are ineffective for stopping viruses from being spread through your breath. Viruses are extremely small and can pass through even the most finely weaved fabric. Even specialized surgical masks only stop half of viruses from being exhaled. And the type of masks being worn by lefties are cheap garbage mass-manufactured in china, Which is also where the virus came from in the first place.

    Second, Exhaling warm moist breath into fabric will provide a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, Wearing that bacteria-caked fabric on your face all day is much worse than your health than the commie cold you're supposedly trying to protect yourself from.

    Like most aspects of this plandemic, Masks are a test from the left to see to what extent they can control American citizens. Unfortunately many people put on masks without a second thought or questioning the science behind it. But those who do their research (from sources not being funded by gates, Soros, Or the chinese govt) will figure out that masks are a farce, And that the left is exploiting fear in order to take over America and rule us under socialism.

  • No, Of course not.

    We obviously aren't if it was required to wear them by the government. If the government wants us to wear masks, They must have found some type of scientific evidence that it works. Also, There has been scientific tests that masks help with the spread. It may not be able to stop the spread but it will help stifle it some.

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Ocean-Beach says2021-05-10T02:46:28.730
I am not saying non mask wearers are Neanderthal, But this is going a bit far to prove your "manliness". Come on. Masks will safe your life.

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