• It seems so many tragedies have occured over the past year.

    Just look: Aurora, Newtown, now Navy Yard? Already far too many. Then you add in Virgina Tech, Fort Hood, and also,as it is a tragedy despite not being a mass shooting, Boston Marathon. It seems like America is getting used to these terrible and horrifying occurences already. But would you be as shocked if another one occurred? Maybe just as horrified, but would you be as surprised? Sure, this new shooting will spark a bunch of raging debates about gun control and mental health, but it will all eventually die down, and no one will really linger over it too much except for the victims' families or the victims until, and if, the next outrage occurs. (And let's hope to God not!) No on will think too hard on the mistakes that lead up to this horrifying event-the gun supporters will demand their second amendments, the psychologists and mental health experts will chime in about mental disorders, but nothing is progressing, and America isn't going to change in the near future because these shootings have started to feel normal. This is a depressing situation we are in that I hope, but don't think will change before we become known as much for our democracy and freedom as for our massacres.

    Please read the article that I have attached for further reference:

  • No come on

    Just because there have been a few mass shootings does not mean it is a part of society. Do we need to strengthen our laws? Of course yea! But banning guns will not do anything it will just make non crazy law-abiding citizens unarmed while the criminals will have guns and attack normal people. But anyways this is basically the same thing as saying murder is part of American society. Sure it exists in society but it is not our culture to kill.

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