• I agree math

    Math is most important subject. All of people don't care but math making better our life if learn and math is key for other subject like a science physics and computer science. Finally we are going to get idea to solve a problem. Nowadays we need mathmatics skills to get more better job like a analytical programmer. Job is going to logical

  • Of course they are!

    People who are good at math are intelligent and they will most likely get higher paid jobs than others. Math is logical. It stimulates your brain into the higher sensitivity of the science around us. Science may be boring, But math will help you understand the equations better. Its obvious.

  • Maths is in everyday life

    People good in maths are an asset for the country. They have better problem solving and analytical skills. He or she is more empowered and satisfied. He can contribute in country finance. He has better thinking skills at workplace and enhance opportunities it increases purchasing power decisions, Choosing health plans which call for sophisticated

  • I think so

    People who don't understand math, Might end up having a fear of numbers and money, Which they might end up with making poor financial decisions. If they have to raise a family, They might struggle due to their fear of numbers, Which will influence their family's health and well being.

  • More than math

    Being good at math is more than just being able to add two numbers. Being good at math means being able to force yourself into uncomfortable situations and try and work for an answer. Just about all successful people can use mathematical thinking to some degree to get to where they are and to use mathematical thinking you must have an understanding of math

  • Are you good at Maths?

    Most of you are probably arguing because you are not good at Maths. You want to believe that you have a future even though you know you are hopeless. I myself am good at Maths, I would say that my superior mathematical brain helps me to think critically. This is helpful when I need to destroy three-year-olds on debate. Org. The more people I can educate, The more successful I can deem myself to be. Therefore I believe Mathematics is directly proportional to Successes. For the people on team opposition, That means, As you get better at Maths, You get more successful.

  • No NO NO *wags finger*

    I am the third cousin of Trump (twice removed) and I understand nothing. When I say nothing I mean nothing I don't even understand hat I don't understand. I have monei, So if you are speaking that people need meth to suckseed than you are too much of a methhead. P. S Kara is sitting next to me. PP. S she loves you xoxo. Thankyou for my time. You can leave now. Bye

  • Hello i am osama bin rahim

    #17. Thanks, Google!

    “My girlfriend told me the week before I went to college that I got her pregnant knowing that we were not going to date long distance. She sent me a picture of a stock photo pregnancy test she cropped that was positive I literally just Google searched ‘Positive Pregnancy Tests’ and it was one of the first ones. I made her come over and take another one. It was negative, She left. ”

  • Osama sucks ram rahims cock

    Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan (born 15 August 1967) is the head of the Indian social group Dera Sacha Sauda (DSS) since 1990 and a convicted rapist[1] and murderer of journalist Ram Chander Chhatrapati.

    The Indian Express had placed Ram Rahim 96th in their list of the 100 most powerful Indians of 2015. [2] He has released several music albums and films, Which typically revolve around himself and his teachings. He is usually credited in his films as actor, Director, Writer, Songwriter, As well as various other roles, In one instance being credited in thirty departments. [3] His films were negatively received by critics, With many considering them propaganda and criticising their poor quality. [4]

    On 25 August 2017, Ram Rahim was convicted of rape by a special Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) court. [5][6][7][8] His conviction led to widespread violence from members of the DSS[9] and simultaneous clashes with the police, Which left several dead and injured. On 28 August 2017, Ram Rahim was sentenced to 20 years in prison. [10] In January 2019, He was convicted of the murder of journalist Ram Chander Chhatrapati and awarded a sentence of life imprisonment. [11] He is also facing prosecution for other murders and ordering forced castrations. [12][13][14]

  • You know people with maths suck

    Osama bin laden was a evil man and what he did was what he did on that thing that he was son on that since he was evil eing good at math is more than just being able to add two numbers. Being good at math means being able to force yourself into uncomfortable situations and try and work for an answer. Just about all successful people can use mathem

  • It depends upon how you measure success.

    The question is to broad. It suggests that mathematicians are more successful that everyone else. Which just isn't true. Success can be achieved in all professions and all walks of life and at all levels. Who has the ultimate authority to judge success? And who sets the criteria needed for success?

  • Not neccesarily true

    Even though some basic mathematical habilities are essential for day-to-day life, In our current world, There are more important things, Like creativity, Leadership, Intuition, Lateral thinking, And so on. I believe that maths are overvalued, And that a change in our current schooling system is neccesary. Maths may be helpful, But they alone don´t make a succesful person.

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