• No, in in my opinion

    Medals are not sufficient for a heroic deed. People should rather awarded more than a medal which is happiness that they get after they do some thing good. Medals are just pieces of metals which I think are not required. They are of no use. They are only pieces of show off which is not desired

  • Heroic deed my ass

    Why would we even give them a medal? Surely we can acknowledge a heroic deed without giving a medal to the heroic individual. Giving a medal is just for ego boosting and not required, and you would want to give them more? It's pointless to boost their ego, so we shouldn't.

  • I think medals are sufficient but not necessary for a heroic deed

    To prove that we have achieved something it is not necessary that we have to medal. There is a saying that participation is important more than winning something it is another example of medals are not necessary for a heroic deed. Can we all enjoy the competition rather aiming to win.

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