• In the United States Media censorship is fair.

    Media censorship in the United States is fair. There need to be limits about what is shown on television and in advertisments. This is espically true for network television because children should not be exposed to what they show on networks like HBO. In other countries such as Russia media censorship laws are not fair, but that is not the United States.

  • Media censorship is dangerous

    Censoring media is the first step on the road to complete government control. Does the media have the right to publish the exhortations of Julian Assange or Snowden's classified documents? The answer is a vehement yes. The fact that the government cannot be responsible enough to secure their own classified documents is of interest to all. Particularly since the collection of personal information is questionable. This is but one example of attempts to censor the media. We cannot allow that to happen as it has in China.

  • There's nothing fair about censorship.

    Media censorship laws cannot be fair, because they were never designed to be fair. They exist solely so that those in power can control information known by the general public. Their job is to keep corruption from being exposed, and hypocrisy from being shown. There's nothing fair about a censorship law.

  • I don't think so.

    I don't believe that media should be censored. I think that everyone should have the right and ability to say what they want to say. Not everyone needs to agree and if they don't, then they should be able to say whey they don't agree as well. I also think in America we are too quick to censor sex and cuss words while ignoring violence almost completely.

  • Not Fair But Usefull

    Currently there are not many straight for media censorship laws and those that are present are governed by the FCC. This guarantees that foul language won't be used constantly or something comparable to pornography won't be shown early in the evening. I think these laws are not inherently fair, but they are useful to society as a whole.

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